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What to do if you forgot your password LINE Forgot Password 2022

What to do if you forget your LINE password

how to overcome I forgot my password LINE Did you forget your password – line is the name of the most popular messaging app in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan.

This application is widely used by young Indonesians after WhatsApp and Instagram.

Do you have a LINE account? Or have you ever forgotten your LINE password and never opened this instant messaging application again?

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Don’t worry if you forget your LINE password!

Below is the solution guide I forgot my LINE passcode Make your LINE account reusable.

Discussion about what to do if you forget your password LINE

What to do if you forget your LINE password
Discussion about what to do if you forget your password LINE

LINE is an instant messaging app created after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

LINE is a free messaging app that offers stickers, social games, video calls, and many other apps that connect to this app.

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LINE was created by Naver, a South Korean internet company that launched after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan.

Naver chose Japan as the center of its app development because Line determined that it could not compete with Kakao, a chat app widely used in South Korea.

According to LINE, the app has 218 million active users worldwide.

About two-thirds of our hundreds of active users are based in the top four countries: Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Despite trying to expand its user base in Europe through large-scale advertising in 2013 and 2014, LINE’s marketing did not live up to expectations.

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Finally, in 2015, LINE refocused its marketing efforts in the Asian region, looking for new expansion opportunities in the region.

If you have a LINE account, you can enjoy many features of this app.

Starting with cute stickers, Timeline Packed with the latest news and features video callVery high quality and you can enjoy it all.

Forgot your LINE password?

What to do if you forget your LINE password

What to do if you forget your LINE password
What to do if you forget your LINE password

What if you forgot your password even though you had a LINE account?

Can you still log in to this app? Keep calm! There is a solution if you forget your LINE passcode.

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If you forget your LINE password, please refer to the following.

  1. download Also update First, the LINE app on your mobile phone (Downloading and updating the Android version of the LINE app) / (Downloading and updating the LINE app for iPhone).
  2. Open the LINE app and click “Menu”.login” to start the process LINE login.
  3. Check the options presented on the page after pressing “login
  4. To log in to your LINE account on your mobile phone, clickyesand if you do not want to use your LINE account on another device, clickNo“, vice versa.
  5. After confirming the options you need to choose, the application will ask you to enter your email. password your LINE account.
  6. text “Did you forget your password” so that you can sort password your LINE.
  7. Re-enter your email address and clickOK
  8. After that, check the received message in the email from LINE.
  9. Open the message and click the link sent from LINE to download.reset password You are.
  10. If the link is clicked, enter and use a new 6-20 character LINE password good line passwordClickall right
  11. Examples of good LINE passwords A password that is easy to remember.
  12. After that, log in to the LINE app again using the new password created in the previous step.

The last word

What to do when you forget your LINE password Isn’t it difficult to deal with when you forget your LINE password?

Now you can use this app to communicate with your friends.

Unfortunately, there is no way to reset your phone number on LINE like you can on Whatsapp.

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To use a different number, you must uninstall LINE and reinstall it.

Therefore, please make sure that the number you registered with LINE is still active so that you can activate it.

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This is the article on how to attack. I forgot my password LINE Who forgot the password for 2022? that’s all. I wish you good luck.