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Shopee 2022 How to Become a Reseller

How to become a Shopee reseller
How to become a Shopee reseller – There are many ways to open an online business today and one of them is selling online on Shopee.
You can choose to become a reseller or dropship, both of which are equally profitable.

If you want to become a reseller on Shopee, first you need to know the difference between a dropshipper and a reseller on Shopee.

Because this can be a consideration before you decide to dive into the business.

By becoming a Shopee reseller, you can earn up to tens of millions of rupiahs with no capital required.

With enough consistency and effort, you can become a very successful Shopee reseller.

See the bottom of this article if you’re interested in how to do that. Please refer to the discussion first before proceeding with the method.

Welcome to this all-digital age. Here you can run your business online without needing a single cent of capital.

This is not fictitious. He has one very viable business model as a reseller.

A reseller is a reseller, and the reseller’s task is to sell products from a supplier by specifying a certain price difference.

The idea is the same as in traditional trading, where you buy goods from a supplier and resell them at a fixed price.

There are several ways to become a Shopee reseller that you can follow.

How to become a Shopee reseller

Shopee 2022 How to Become a Reseller

How to become a Shopee reseller
Shopee 2022 How to Become a Reseller

Still under discussion, but the main thing is how to become a reseller on the Shopee application.

If you really want to know how to do it clearly and in detail, you can immediately listen to the steps on how to become a Shopee reseller as follows.

  • The first step is to decide what kind of product you will sell later. This is intended to focus on the products being sold.
  • Create your shop in the Shopee application. Make sure the name of the shop describes the item that will be sold later.
  • The next step is to find suppliers that match the products you sell. Check if the supplier is he not one, but several.
  • For example, if Supplier A is empty, you can order from Supplier B.
  • Then negotiate with the supplier to ask the reseller for a much lower price.
  • Then create a file in Excel by entering the product link in the vendor. This step is intended to make it easier for resellers to find your product.
  • Once you have a supplier, the next step is simply to enter the photos of the products you want to sell.
  • Please check whether the product picture must be clear, including the description according to the product.
  • One day, the prices offered by our suppliers may increase, so always update your store prices.
  • We always provide the best service when there is an incoming transaction.
  • Even if the chat is just asking questions, you should reply to the chat as soon as someone comes in.

The last word

These are some of the steps required to become a reseller on Shopee.

To get quality products, you need to look for your suppliers wisely. This is because it affects the progress of your Shopee store.

Don’t be tempted by the much lower prices offered by suppliers. However, the poor quality is a lie.

That’s our whole discussion in this article How to become a shopper reseller 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.