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Script Termux Hack FB 2022

Script Termux Hack FB

Script Termux Hack FB – Facebook is a social media application used by many people.

All concerns, from communication needs to buying and selling, are often done with the help of this one social media.

This article will show you how to hack Facebook using termux.

However, it should be remembered that the discussion in this article is not for negative purposes.

What I’m trying to explain in this article is to make you more aware of hacking attempts.

Hacking the password of your personal Facebook account especially termux 2022 scripts.

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FB Termux Hack script discussion

Termux is an application that can be used to hack Facebook account passwords. This application can be downloaded from any Android-based smartphone.

Its use is very practical. However, please note that this application works best if your Android OS version is he 5.0 (lollipop) or higher.

Hack facebook password with Termux using brute force method. This hacking method is also known as a brute force attack.

The brute force method is an attempt to hack Facebook passwords by matching a list of possible passwords for accounts/wordlists created by hackers.

The success rate of the hacking process using this brute force method is not very high.

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This is because the brute force method requires patience and luck to match all possible passwords.

The success rate is also affected by the number of characters in the password you want to hack.

Another thing to know is that you don’t need root privileges to use the Termux application.

So, if you’re worried that your phone will cause errors because you need to root it before using the Termux application, don’t worry.

Just download the application, open it and follow the steps using the following FB hack termux script.

Script Termux Hack FB

Below are step by step instructions on how to hack facebook using the termux application.

1. Download the Termux app

Download the Termux application here

As a first step, you first need to download the Termux app itself.

2. Download terminal emulator

Download terminal emulator application here

Apart from downloading the Termux application, you will also need to download another application – a terminal emulator.

This application is used to operate commands such as the Linux terminal.

3. Make sure all equipment is ready

To start the hacking process, you need to make sure all your equipment is ready.

Equipment includes:

  • Termux app
  • terminal emulator app
  • Hacked script downloaded and extracted to SD card
  • Internet connection

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4. Run script Termux Hack FB

Once all the equipment is ready, just open the Termux application and apply the termux 2022 script.

Once the application is open, enter the termux hack FB script command as follows:

$ proper update
$ proper upgrade
$ apt install python2
$ pip2 install urllib3 chardet certifi idna request
$ apt install openssl curl
$ pkg install libcurl
$ termux-setup-storage

After running the command, give permission if you want Termux to read the sd card it uses.

Retype the following command in the Termux application:

$ CD/SD card

Live hacks need some finishing touches. Go to the web page.

On the web page, enter the URL link of the Facebook account you want to hack.

Don’t forget to copy the ID listed.

Open the Termux application again and enter the following command:

$ python2 [TagetID] List code.txt

Wait for the process to complete and check the results.

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The last word

For those who are looking for termux 2022 scripts Hacking FB accounts in particular has been discussed in the above description.

The instructions provided must be carefully followed for proper use.

That’s all for this discussion fb hack termux script 2022. that’s all. I wish you good luck.