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How to unban Device Free Fire 2022

– The most frustrating part of playing Free Fire games is when your account gets banned.

Not only will your account be banned, but your mobile phone will also be banned or blocked.

Overcoming a banned device account is actually pretty easy. Simply changing the HP Device ID is sufficient.

Generally, when a mobile device is banned, it is the device identity information such as IMEI, Android ID, serial number that is blocked.

People caught using cheats should be willing to abandon their accounts. Until now, there is no way to undo a banned account.

However, for banned phones, there is a simple way to change the IMEI account to unban your smartphone.

Then how to unban Device Free Fire? Relax and we will explain how to Unbanned Device Free Fire which you can see in our review below.

How to unban Device Free Fire

1. How to unban Free Fire devices using multiple clone or changer applications

How to unban Device Free Fire
How to unban Free Fire devices using multiple clone or changer applications

Before we proceed, this method of Unbanned Device Free Fire might be one of the things Free Fire players are most frequently looking for in Indonesia and abroad.

Additionally, this will allow you to play the Free Fire game again.

There is no denying that this game in the Battle Royale genre has a very active and large community.

So don’t be surprised if many people need tips for this Free Fire game.

Here’s how to unban free fire on your device with multiple clone or changer applications.

You can use it as a review below.

  • As a first step, install the Chinese version of the Multiple Clone application from the following link. http/Multiple
  • If downloaded, copy the Free Fire application using the latest Multiple Clone application.
  • Once done, your Free Fire account is ready to use.

2. How to Unban Free Fire Devices and Change IMEI and Device ID Using Xposed Virtual App

How to unban Device Free Fire
How to Unban Free Fire Devices and Change IMEI and Device ID Using Xposed Virtual Application

Here’s how to unban a Free Fire device using the virtual Xposed application and how to change the IMEI and device ID that can be used to overcome unbanned devices with your Free Fire account.

  • Download the VirtualXposed application and changer from the following link. https/
  • Then go to the application settings and clear the data of your Free Fire account.
  • Then open your file manager or file explorer.
  • wipe Folder com.garena.msdk internal or external memory.
  • After installing all the required applications, open the Virtual Xposed application and selectSettings – Add App – Duplicate App“.
  • next”Virtual backup application clone“,”Changer/imei Changerand Free Fire Game.
  • Then in VirtualXposed enter the settings menu again and select “Manage Xposed modules – check/enable changer/imei changer” you.
  • Then reboot, force stop the VirtualXposed application and reopen it.
  • Then reopen VirtualXposed and access the Changer application inside VirtualXposed > Select the menu in the upper left corner > Select specific apps > Press and hold Free Fire.
  • click Add/remove hook list if you can see it.
  • After that, the Free Fire writing will turn red. This means that we chose it specifically for Free Fire so that the device ID can be changed.
  • Then go back to the Changer application menu and enter the IMEI, Android ID and “keep“.

The last word

For those of you looking for a way to unban Free Fire Device, we have provided it in the review above.

For Android root users, please install the Android Device Changer module application in the Xposed installer and then follow the steps above.

If your account has been successfully restored, do not attempt any further cheating that could harm yourself.