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How to set up Open Camera 2022

the open camera It is a camera application developed by a third party and its use is free or free.

This Open Camera app does not contain ads and does not implement any in-app purchases.

The Open Camera application has a rating of 4.2 and is reviewed by 156.017 respondents.

From its rating, we can say that this application is very popular.

Next, I will explain how to set up the open camera.

You can also download Open Camera PC for PC from the following link (Download Open Camera PC).

2. How to set open camera for camera stabilization

If you want to record the moment with your mobile phone, it will be very convenient if your mobile phone has a camera stabilization function.

Indeed, gadgets that offer camera stabilization are usually high-end or expensive products.

This Open Camera application includes camera stabilization by providing camera tilt information.

All you have to do is adjust the phone’s grip so that you can take good footage.

How to set the open camera for camera stabilization is in the bottom left corner of the application screen.

3. How to set the open camera to detect faces

Next is how to set the open camera to face detection.

So the Open Camera application provides face detection so you can control the focus point.

So the result of the photo will not be blurred in the plane of the object.

4. How to set the open camera to take pictures

The open camera application also provides the ability to take a picture using the volume button open camera setting method.

This is so that you can easily take a picture without pressing the phone screen.

This is pretty easy, especially if you want to take a picture of yourself using your phone’s rear camera.

5. How to set the open camera startup sound

Another feature that can be set in the Open Camera application is to take a picture using a trigger in the form of sound.

Let’s say you’re setting a photo when it makes a “cheese” sound.

This makes it easier when taking pictures with many people who need to place their phones far away.

6. How to set the open camera for audio sensitivity

You can also set open camera settings for audio sensitivity.

So if you’re in a fairly noisy environment, you can turn down the audio sensitivity.

You can adjust the audio sensitivity in the audio control menu of the Open Camera application.

7. How to set open camera for orientation

The next way to set up Open Camera is to set the orientation for taking photos and videos.

You can set the image orientation from the “More Camera Controls” menu.

So if your phone changes position or the orientation of your photos and videos changes, no problems will arise.

8. How to set the open camera for photo storage

The next way to set up Open Camera is to set where your photos or videos are saved.

The advantage is that you can set the external storage location.

In addition, you can also name your photos or videos with a specific prefix if you prefer.

9. How to set up an open camera for additional information

The next way to set up Open Camera is to add information to the photos and videos you create.

The information you can add is information about when and where the photo was taken.

Adding this information makes it easier to categorize the photo and video files you own.

10. How to set open camera in screen display settings

The next way to set up the open camera is to set the screen display.

Left-handed people and those who want to change the position of the menu etc. on the standard screen of the open camera app should be able to do it easily.

The secret is[設定]Open the menu and[GUI 画面]It’s about choosing options.

Simply adjust the position of the display menu according to your wishes and needs.

The last word

If you are using the Open Camera app for the first time, you need to be careful about how to set up the app. open camera given above.

Understanding the Open Camera feature and what it does will help you get more out of this application.

Features of the Open Camera application include manual control of the Camera2 API, timer photos, burst mode, ISO control, slow motion video, auto stabilization, and more.