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How to see DANA ID in 2022

How to read DANA ID

How to read DANA ID – Dana is one of the digital wallet applications that many people use for their online store transactions.

The application has many uses such as processing payments, online transactions, paying bills, etc. that make it easy for users.

In order to use this application, you must ensure that your Dana application balance is sufficient or higher to conduct transactions.

You can also use the Dana app as a withdrawal method on the Tik-Tok app.

However, many users of the Dana application ask how to find out their Dana ID.

There may be people who don’t know what a fund ID is, or what a fund ID is, so let me explain a little about it.

Discussion on how to view DANA ID

The Dana ID number is actually an abbreviation for the personal identification number of the user of the Dana app.

This Dana ID number can be used as authentication data from system usage with the Dana application.

ID numbers are typically used when a user registers for a particular application and can also be used as data verification.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how to find your Fund ID as described in this article.

For those interested and still wondering how to view the Fund ID, you can try or follow the methods described below.

How to read DANA ID

How to read fund ID and fund number

How to read DANA ID
How to read fund ID and fund number

Are you a user of the Dana application but don’t know your Dana ID and want to know how to view your Dana ID number but don’t know how?

Here’s how to find your Fund ID and Fund Number: You can try to check your fund ID.

  • As a first step, open the Dana application from your smartphone device and make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet connection.
  • Once you have successfully entered the main view of the Dana application, select .My menu” in the bottom right corner of the main screen.
  • Then you will see the menu options you can access, select it and click the menu.Profile settings“.
  • continue! Please select a menuChange mobile phone number“.
  • The display now shows the fund ID number and the fund number.

In other words, the Dana ID number is the same as the smartphone number registered in the Dana app.

If you still don’t know or don’t remember your fund ID or number, you can find your fund ID by following the guide above.

This was a little information I could share on how to view my Dana ID for those who don’t know their Dana ID.

The last word

That’s the information we can provide on how to verify your identity in the Dana application.

If you don’t know your fund ID, you can try the method above.

In fact, to know your Dana ID, all you have to do is memorize or memorize the mobile phone number registered in the Dana app.

More discussion in this article How to read DANA ID 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.