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How to Remove Watch Video on Facebook 2022

how to remove watch videos on facebook

You can now use Facebook and FB as a medium or means of entertainment.

With our latest update, we now have interesting video content on our Facebook (FB) page that you can watch with our Video Watch feature.

Also, like most search engines, Facebook (FB) always stores all your search history of videos you’ve watched as part of their activity logging feature.

Discussion on how to remove watching videos on Facebook

Of course, your video search history is saved, so you can go back and watch all the videos you’ve watched on your Facebook account’s Video Watch service.

However, for most users, the presence of this history feature is a bit offensive.

Therefore, many Facebook users are trying to find information on how to delete video watch history on their Facebook page.

For that matter, it’s actually very easy and quick to do, and it can be done via the web or an application.

Delete the entire viewing history of video content viewed on your Facebook page.

Of course, there are many benefits, such as faster performance of repurposed smartphones.

What is clear is that this video history deletion will be possible for both application and website users.

See how to delete watching a video on Facebook below.

how to remove watch videos on facebook

How to Delete Video Watch on Facebook (FB)

how to remove watch videos on facebook
How to Delete Video Watch on Facebook (FB)

We share two ways to remove video watching on Facebook that you can choose below.

1. Delete Watch FB video via website

If you want to access Facebook (FB) from a PC/PC web browser, the first method is the best.

Here are the steps to remove your Facebook page video viewing via the Facebook website:

  • Open your Facebook profile account in a web browser.
  • Then open the activity log menu and you’ll see a history of all the activities you’ve done on your account.
  • If you successfully enter the activity log page,[フィルター]section of[その他のオプション]Please click on the.
  • After that, more options will appear. You can select the watched video option.
  • Later, you’ll see a list of all videos you’ve watched on Facebook.
  • Click the edit block icon to the right of each video viewing for instructions on how to remove a video viewing from your history.
  • next,[削除]or[削除]Click the button.
  • You can also delete all video viewing history you have watched by clicking the (Clear all video viewing history) option at the top of the page.
  • end.

All watched video viewing history will be deleted directly from your Watch Facebook account.

2. Remove watching FB videos from the app

In addition to being able to do it from your browser, there are other ways to delete videos you’ve watched on your Watch Facebook page.

It can also be done through the FB application on your iPhone or Android phone. The procedure is also very fast and easy. Please follow the below.

  • Open the FB app on your mobile device.
  • After successfully logging into your FB page, please click on your profile account option and select the Settings menu (three-line icon).
  • You will see some kind of options later.[アクティビティ ログ]You can select options.
  • If the activity log page is already open,[フィルター]Tap an option to select the categories you want to display on the page.
  • The next step is to select the watched video option.
  • Later, you will see a list of all watched video history that you have watched.
  • To delete, tap the more icon on the right side of each video viewing and select the delete button.
  • end.

After that, the entire viewing history of the videos contained in the Watch Facebook page will be immediately deleted and never seen again.

The last word

Of course, you can maintain more privacy on your FB account by deleting watched videos you have watched on your Watch Facebook (FB) page.

By deleting all your video history on your Watch Facebook page, your device will be much lighter.

Also, your device’s operating system is optimized at runtime.

The steps are also very easy, no confusion, and it doesn’t take long to master all the steps.

That’s our whole discussion in this article how to delete a video on facebook 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.