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how to open locked fb account 2022

how to open locked fb account

Did you know that one of the world’s largest social media applications? That’s the Facebook social media application.

If you have a Facebook account, you may have the experience of being locked on FB/Facebook or being locked and unable to open it.

This locked or locked Facebook account is usually caused by violating Facebook’s TOS (rules) policy terms.

It can also be caused by the actions of ignorant people who intentionally report or report your account.

As a result, your FB/Facebook account won’t open and can be temporarily locked or even permanently locked.

Before going directly to the tutorial, it would be good to know the factors that lock your Facebook account first.

Every problem that occurs must have a reason, right? If the problem arose without a cause, it would be impossible.

Therefore, before solving the problem, it is necessary to know in advance what causes the FB/Facebook account to be locked.

This is because a continuously repeated incident can result in your Facebook account being permanently blocked by Facebook.

Well, no need to linger. Skip down to how to open a locked FB account below.

how to open locked fb account

How to open a locked FB account easily

how to open locked fb account
How to open a locked FB account easily

This method has been tried by many and has been successful by many users.

Please follow the steps on how to open locked FB account 2022 below.

1. Login on an unknown device

This is usually caused by logging in or logging into several different devices at the same time, or changing IP addresses.

Opening a temporarily closed account is very easy.[次へ]or[続行]Just click

Then you have the option to verify and you have 3 options to verify your account.

If you have previously verified via mobile number, you can also try this method and get an SMS with the verification code on your smartphone.

If successful, you can reset passwords for Facebook accounts locked by Facebook parties or servers.

This method can be used if you have ever created a secret secret question on your FB account, so only the original owner of your Facebook account can answer the question.

However, if you choose this first option, you will have to make an effort to match your friend’s photo and Facebook account name.

If you don’t try 3 times, Facebook will permanently lock your account and you will have to submit your ID.

2. Use of pseudonyms

This will definitely happen if you use your company’s brand name or someone else’s name on your Facebook account.

How to open a locked FB account[続行]by pressing the menu.

Then go to the next page and perform account verification using:

  • Scan your SIM or KTP ID.
  • passport.
  • Family card or KK.

Don’t panic if that happens. Above he must obtain one of the three documents.

After uploading the photo to Facebook,[次へ]or[続行]Click.

You will receive an email from Facebook within 24 hours.

The last word

These are two ways to open a Facebook/FB account locked by Facebook party or server.

If you encounter this issue, please follow the steps shared above.

If you have successfully opened a Facebook account, don’t repeat the same mistake again.

That’s our whole discussion in this article how to open locked fb account 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.