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How to make money from Facebook Live Streaming 2022

how to make money from facebook live streaming

Facebook has added features that give creators new ways to make money, and fans have new ways to show appreciation.

With Bintang, Facebook Live Stream viewers can always support content creators in real time.

You can also earn money from all your video content by using stars.

Viewers can purchase hidden stars and send them to creators in the comments section to show their support and make their comments stand out.

Earn 1 cent for each star earned.

A streamer’s income cannot be underestimated either. For example, Ane Firmal and Zan.

Those who frequently stream PUBG Mobile games on Facebook Gaming can earn up to 100 million a month just from streaming alone.

In fact, all video content comes from it, not just streaming.

This is because creators very often shoot videos in streams so that they can re-upload them to their YouTube channel.

In addition, the creator has a contract with Facebook, and although the face value cannot be stated, it has been confirmed that the value reaches tens of millions.

Whether it’s Facebook, Youtube, Twitch or any other platform, everyone can become a streamer and the possibilities and income opportunities are the same.

Often referred to as live streaming or live broadcasting, it is a method of data transmission that someone can do while recording video over an Internet network.

You don’t have to linger any longer. Continue to How to make money from Facebook Live Streaming below.

how to make money from facebook live streaming

Easy way to make money from Facebook Live Streaming

how to make money from facebook live streaming
Easy way to make money from Facebook Live Streaming

Youtube’s biggest rival, Facebook, recently launched a live video monetization feature, or live streaming, on its platform.

This live broadcast monetization method was not previously available in Indonesia as of the November 11, 2022 update.

Indonesian users are already making money by streaming Facebook video content.

This issue remains limited to video game creators. In short, people who really like live streaming games can take advantage of how to make money from Facebook Live Streaming.

However, there are certain conditions that must be met in order to be able to stream content.

You can also monetize and participate in Facebook Game Level Up Feature Programs such as:

  • You want a page specifically designed for video game creators.
  • 4+ hours of game-specific live broadcasts within 2 weeks.
  • Live-streamed on Facebook two days in a row for two weeks.
  • Pages used for live streaming are active for at least two weeks.
  • Also, the page owner or admin is over the age of 18.

Participating in all Facebook Gaming level-up programs will give you a variety of benefits, including:

  • Supports provided video content directly from Facebook.
  • Get premium high-quality transcoding with access to 60 fps and 1080p streaming quality.
  • Prioritize getting Facebook stars so that all fans and viewers can support them directly.
  • Access to some features or beta products released by Facebook.

The last word

This is how you can monetize your Facebook page live stream.

Fulfill all the requirements issued by Facebook above.

If you meet all the requirements, try live streaming with your video content.

That’s our whole discussion in this article how to make money with facebook live 2022. Go for it, go for it.