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How to let WhatsApp access your contacts in 2022

How to allow WhatsApp to access your contacts

How to allow WhatsApp to access your contacts – As you know, WhatsApp is currently the most popular chat application especially in Indonesia.

But do you know if WhatsApp actually needs specific permissions when installed? Is required.

It specifically needs access to contacts, as Android contacts are stored in a file on the system and WhatsApp needs that file to access the list.

If this permission is not granted, WhatsApp features will automatically stop working properly and you may experience problems.

Now how do you allow WA to access your contacts? See the following review on how to give WhatsApp access to your contacts to learn how.

How to allow WhatsApp to access your contacts

1. How to allow WhatsApp to access your Android contacts

How to allow WhatsApp to access your contacts
How to allow WhatsApp to access your contacts on Android

Here’s how to allow WhatsApp to access your Android contacts.

1. Grant access permissions to contacts

  • As a first step, please open setting on your android phone.
  • Next find menu applicationIf you have, swipe down to find the application whats up Select.
  • then select menu permission turn it on in the section contact.
  • If so, please reopen the application whats up Open a new chat and click magnifying glass button Then search for the name of the contact you want to message.

If the contact appears, the process of granting permissions to the contact was successful.

You can also grant permissions to other users such as camera, phone, etc. so that apps on Android can work properly.

2. Turn on Show Contacts Settings

WhatsApp also has settings with permissions to view contacts that can be done independently of system access.

This must also be set so that the list of saved numbers can be displayed successfully.

However, this method is not applicable for some versions of WhatsApp, so you should check if it is applicable first.

Here’s how to enable contact visibility:

  • open the app whats upthen press the menu button to enter the menu contact.
  • Then click Options Show all contacts.

2. Solutions for accessing WhatsApp contacts but not seeing them

How to allow WhatsApp to access your contacts
Solution for WhatsApp contacts not showing even though access is granted

If you’ve granted permissions but still can’t see your WhatsApp contacts, you’ll need to apply some special tips and solutions.

Here’s a solution if you can’t see your WhatsApp contacts even though you’ve granted access.

  • Erase WhatsApp dataTo clear the stored cache files, you need to perform a WhatsApp data clear. But this process will log you out of your WA account and come back as if it was just installed, so you should be prepared with the number used. It remains active.
  • WhatsApp application updateIt is also necessary to update the old WhatsApp application to the latest version so that existing bugs are gone.
  • Reinstall WhatsAppReinstalling WhatsApp can replace WhatsApp data that has gone wrong due to corruption or other issues.
  • Make sure your WhatsApp contacts are not blockedBlocked WA contacts are not normally visible even if you have given them access to them. Has no effect unless unblocked first.

3. Issue when contact access is not granted

How to allow WhatsApp to access your contacts
Issue when access to contacts is not granted

As mentioned in the previous discussion, WhatsApp does not function properly when contacts permissions are granted, which can lead to some issues.

Here are some issues that occur when contact permissions are not granted:

  • The contact will not appear in your WhatsApp friend list (usually blank, as if you didn’t save the number at all.
  • WhatsApp can’t message your contacts because there are no contacts to call.
  • WhatsApp also cannot send photos to contacts.
  • WhatsApp also doesn’t let you send images in messages or chats.

The last word

So that’s how WhatsApp can access your contacts, what solutions you can use if your contacts aren’t showing up after you’ve granted access, and what happens when you don’t grant access to your contacts. way to investigate.

In addition to your contacts, you also need to grant permissions to your camera, storage, etc. so that the WhatsApp application works properly when you use it.

Be careful and follow all steps properly and accurately for successful contact permissions.

Dodi S.

Technical expert, editor and journalist at 1001Media.