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How to hack websites with Android Termux 2022

How to hack websites with Android Termux – Hacking or website hacking sites are really increasing in Indonesia and there are some cases where government sites are hacked.

According to one hacker’s confession, they only use Android smartphones in carrying out their actions.

Basically, Android phones already have a lot of functionality on a computer as well.

Therefore, you can hack or hack any site or website just by using your mobile phone.

In this article, I’ll show you how to hack a school website and what you can do with termux.

So far, there are still many websites and sites that can be used for website hacking.

Instead of getting curious, let’s go straight to a full review of how to hack websites using Android Termux in the discussion below.

How to hack websites with Android Termux

Before getting into the steps on how to hack using termux, there are some tools and materials you need to prepare as follows:

  • the following link (Download the Termux app)
  • Android smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Termux tampering script

Once you have the above material tools ready, you can proceed directly to the steps of hacking a website using termux.

Here’s how to hack a website with Android Termux.

1. Open the Termux application you downloaded earlier.
2. Install the termux application using the command:

apt install python2;pip2 install urllib3 chardet certifi idna requests;apt install openssl curl;pkg install libcurl

3. Allow termux to access internal storage with the following command:


4. Move the tamper script out of the internal storage folder.
5. Download the WebDav Exploiter tool using the following command:

curl -S –output

6. In that case, just look for the target website to hack. Of course, use dork in the search column like this:

intitle:”Directory list of/” + inurl:webdav tomcat intitle:”Directory list of/” +

How to hack websites with Android Termux

7. After that, just copy the URL of the target website. Then, after copying the URL of the target website, reopen the termux application and use the following command to hack or deface the website.


Examples of how to hack websites using Android Termux:


9. If the above steps are successful, theFile Uploaded” Please enter a URL.

How to hack websites with Android Termux

10. To check if the website hack was successful, you can directly copy the hacked URL and open your own defacement script on the website.

The last word

These are some steps of how to hack a website using android termux and can be shared. You can try applying.

If you don’t know how to do it, I suggest you read the steps above and do it correctly.

It should also follow the command format that the termux application should use. Don’t get me wrong or confused.

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It also explains how to find vulnerable sqlmaps on the web, how to tamper with sqlmaps in termux, how to write termux scripts, bae termux hacks, collection of non-root termux scripts.

That’s our whole discussion in this article How to hack a website with Android Termux 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.