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How to hack WA in CMD 2022

How to hack WA with CMD

How to hack WA with CMD – There are now many ways to hack WhatsApp using both mobile phones and PC devices.

Well, the article below explains how to hack WhatsApp using CMD.

If you don’t know how to hack WhatsApp using some tools, you can listen to our review below.

CMD itself is a built-in Windows tool that can be used online or offline.

This CMD will give you access to the files and all the data about your device.

Basically, CMD can also be used to hack WhatsApp, but it’s relatively easy to do.

Even this method can be used by both beginners and professional hackers.

Discussion on how to hack WA with CMD

To date, WhatsApp remains one of the most popular communication networks, very easy to access even for users, suitable for exchanging photos, videos, sharing files, creating doodles, etc.

What if it could be used for other purposes, such as hacking a friend’s, girlfriend’s, husband’s or wife’s WhatsApp account?

Why? This thought is often caused by her boyfriend’s jealousy or suspicion, so she wants to know all of his activities.

So how to hack WA in CMD?

How to hack WA with CMD

1. How to hack WA using CMD via laptop

How to hack WA with CMD
How to hack WA using CMD via laptop

The first is how to hack WA using CMD via laptop and how to tap wa without touching the victim’s phone.

The first thing you need to do is hack wa using a terminal emulator/CMD.In other words, open the CMD tool or terminal on your laptop by pressing Windows key + R and type CMD[OK]Click.

The next step in hacking WhatsApp using CMD is to write the DIR command and press Enter on your laptop to continue.

Then write the Shutdown -i command on your laptop and immediately press Enter to confirm.

That way, you’ll get a notification on your computer later. Enter your mobile email number in the column provided,[OK]Click.

If so, you can change the display warning on your laptop to 10 seconds.

in the section “Shutdown event tracker“You will find optional features, then you can select hardware options”Scheduled to be installed“.

Now, the final step is to write the words according to your wishes. When all is done,[OK]Click.

Here’s how to tap WA without a brand code that you can practice using.

The last word

Here is how to hack WA using CMD which can be shared in the review above.

Using the above method, you can tap the target WhatsApp without borrowing the target phone.

So easy and simple, right? But remember that you have to be precise when doing so and don’t rush.

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That’s our whole discussion in this article How to hack WA with CMD 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.