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How to Hack Telkomsel Credits on Termux 2022

How to hack Telkomsel credits with Termux

How to hack Telkomsel credits with Termux – Credits are definitely a must for all smartphone users, as today smartphones do not function optimally without them.

Credits are used for calls and SMS, as well as for purchasing internet quotas for surfing virtual worlds such as social media and chat.

Even monthly Pulse usage can reach hundreds of thousands with just one smartphone, and of course this can drain the contents of your pocket.

There are many mobile operators in Indonesia that offer credit or internet quota, one of which is Telkomsel.

Telkomsel itself has various service package products for Pulse and Internet Quota available for purchase to the public through counters, sales, Telkomsel outlets, etc.

Discussion on how to hack Telkomsel credits using Termux

The price of Telkomsel credits is not much different from that of other operators such as XL, Axis.

However, the price of legumes is always rising every year, and naturally the price is also higher, which is a burden on users.

This is why some people are looking for ways to get Telkomsel credits for free.

One of the methods they use is to hack Telkomsel credits using the Termux application.

The Termux application is used because its power as a hacking tool is unquestionable and already very popular.

how to make Instead of being curious, take a look at the following review on how to hack Telkomsel credits using Termux.

How to hack Telkomsel credits with Termux

How to hack Telkomsel credits with the latest Termux

How to hack Telkomsel credits with Termux
How to hack Telkomsel credits with the latest Termux

The Termux application is an application that can be used to hack Telkomsel credits.

Besides Telkomsel, you can also apply this hacking method to other mobile operators such as XL, Axis, etc.

Only adjust menus and procedures for each provider.

The hacking process using the Termux app also requires root privileges, so there is not much risk to the smartphone that will be used later.

Here’s how to hack Telkomsel credits with the latest Termux.

  • As a first step, ensure that the device used to carry out the Telkomsel credit hacking process is connected to the internet network via data package or Wi-Fi.
  • Then download and install the Termux application from the Google Play Store. You can also use the following link (Download the Termux app).
  • Then run the application after it is successfully installed and perform the first steps of hacking. This is by entering the script code or command below.

pkg update && pkg upgrade

  • Then enter the script below and go to step 2.

pkg install python

  • Also write the following script:

pkg install git

  • For the fourth step, enter the following command:

git clone

  • Proceed with the hacking procedure and enter the script or command below.


  • For the sixth step, enter the script below.


  • Here is the script you need to create in the 7th step:


  • For the eighth hack step, write the following script:

CD shot

  • In step 9, enter the following command:


  • You can use code 78854 for your OTP code.
  • If you finished entering commands in step 9, you can now run the file by entering the following script.


If you have completed the above steps, you will have to wait for the result of the hacking process that has been carried out.

The last word

Here’s how to hack Telkomsel credits with a Termux application that you can learn and apply.

To be successful in the Telkomsel credit hacking process, learn and perform each step properly and correctly.

If it doesn’t work, you can repeat the steps again or use other methods that you can research by searching the internet.