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How to hack Shopee 2022 - Cara1001

How to hack Shopee

How to hack Shopee – Shopee is one of the most popular online shopping services due to the number of people using it today.

This Shopee application has various interesting features and one of them is Shopee Coins.

You can use these Shopee coins to shop again later. Since the value of the coin is quite high, the price of goods can be lowered.

Shopee Coins are very useful, so it doesn’t matter if you learn how to get them for free or what are commonly called hacks.

There are several methods you can use to get or hack these free Shopee coins and they are easy to do on Android.

As for how to hack Shopee you can try applying like the following review.

How to hack Shopee

1. How to Hack Shopee with Lucky Prize

How to hack Shopee
How to Hack Shoppers with Lucky Prizes

A way to hack Shopee that can be used to earn coins is by using lucky prizes.

This lucky prize is usually on the first page at the bottom for your selection.

Open Lucky Prizes regularly every day to get free Shopee Coins automatically and to keep earning coins.

2. How to hack Shopee with referral code or invite friends

How to hack Shopee
How to hack Shopee with referral code or invite friends

Inviting friends can also be used as a way to hack Shopee and earn free coins.

Because you can invite your friends by sharing the link you get from Shopee, and when they install the application, you will automatically earn coins.

Then you can get free Shopee Coins once the transaction is completed.

This method benefits not only you, but the people who use your code.

Because other people will receive cashback of 50% of the shopping value if the minimum coin nominal value is for example 30000 and go directly to their Shopee Coins balance.

Get 10000 Shopee Coins from these coins. For example, if a friend buys her 100,000 on her Shopee, the coin cashback will be 50,000 for him.

3. How to Hack Shopee with Shopee Coin Rewards

How to hack Shopee
How to hack Shopee with Shopee Coin Rewards

You can also get free Shopee Coins without shopping by opening the app and logging into your account.

Here’s how to open the application, log in and hack Shopee.

  • Open the Shopee app on your phone
  • Then log into your account and[マイ]Click Menu.
  • Then click on the Shopee Coin menu.
  • Next, when you enter the Shopee Coin Rewards Park,[Check in today]Click.

Earn free Shopee coins every day when you check in. This method is very easy.

Menus and features come directly from Shopee, so no special tricks are required.

4. How to Play Games and Hack Shopee

How to hack Shopee
How to Play Games and Hack Shopee

You can also get free coins from Shopee by playing games on Shopee.

You can play these games every day if you want to earn a lot of coins.

So, how to hack Shopee by playing these games can be used as a trick to earn free coins.

5. How to hack Shopee for shopping

How to hack Shopee
How to hack Shopee for shopping

Shopee is an online shopping app, so of course there are many benefits that come from shopping frequently.

One of these benefits is getting free coins.

Here’s how to hack Shopee for shopping.

1. Use of cashback vouchers

There are many cashback vouchers that you can claim and use to earn discounts and Shopee coins.

Cashback vouchers are usually offered with a minimum spend of a few thousand yen or other conditions.

How to get the cashback coupon is as follows.

  • Select the cashback voucher menu on the Shopee main page
  • Then claim your cashback
  • If so, enter the cashback voucher after checkout so you can get Shopee Coins after completing the transaction.
  • Shopee Coins are earned automatically when a transaction is completed and an order is received.

2. Giving product evaluation

You also get free Shopee Coins when you appraise your purchases.

There are only 50 coins, but if you save each time you shop, of course it will increase the longer you go.

The last word

As a way to hack Shopee and get free coins, you can use several methods like the review above.

You can use these coins to get discounts when you shop again.

Since the amount is so so, there is no loss in applying it.

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That’s all for this article how to hack a shopper 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.