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How to hack the Puppet Claw Machine could last until 2022

How to hack a puppet claw machine

How to hack a puppet claw machine Continuable – Clamp Doll Machine or Claw Machine is one type of game you can find in malls.

There are many dolls inside the machine, and you can take them out by inserting some coins.

Coins, of course, are purchased at the game owner’s cash register.

Sure, this doll claw machine game looks easy, but when I tried it, I found the dolls to be pretty hard to come by.

Some people fail even after trying many times and using a lot of coins.

Of course, you need some special tips to get these dolls easily and quickly.

One tip is to hack the Doll’s Claw Machine. This is a deceptive method, but it’s worth trying.

For those of you who want to know how to scratch a small or large doll, here’s how to hack the doll claw machine you can see.

How to hack a puppet claw machine

1. How to hack a puppet claw machine by pulling the machine

How to hack a puppet claw machine
How to hack a puppet claw machine by pulling the machine

You can also hack the doll claw machine by pulling or moving it, so you can get the doll easily and quickly.

Here’s how to hack the doll claw machine by pulling the machine.

  • Please move the operation lever of the doll claw machine as usual.
  • Aim the doll you want to pick up by lowering the hook and pinching the doll.
  • Next, hold the top of the doll’s claw machine and pull the machine slightly until the doll’s claw lifts and moves into the pick-up hole.
  • It is dangerous to get caught, so please do so out of sight of the game staff.

2. Some ways to hack puppet claw machine to get puppets easily with clamp machine

How to hack a puppet claw machine
Some Ways To Hack The Puppet Claw Machine To Get Puppets Easily With The Clamp Machine

There are several ways to hack the Dolls Claw Machine and easily get dolls with the Claw Machine, as reviewed below.

So that you can find the weaknesses of the doll claw machine, here is how to hack the next easy doll claw machine.

1. Find a machine that is not crowded

The first way to hack a doll claw machine is to find one that isn’t too dense.

Generally, claw machines are arranged like this, and the dolls are placed very close together, making it difficult to obtain dolls.

For that, you can look for a machine with fewer dolls for easier clamping.

Even if there is very little content left, it is of course played by many people, so it is a great opportunity for you as well.

2. Watch others play

Be sure to pay attention to how to hack the second doll claw machine and how others play, especially those who get the doll.

Also see which dolls you get and how to choose them.

That way you can practice and have a better chance of getting a doll.

3. Don’t use weak tweezers

Three ways to hack a doll claw machine is without weak clamps.

Clamps are one of the main keys in the Doll Claw Machine game.

If the mold clamping machine or mold clamping machine is weak, it will automatically become difficult to reach the doll.

So look for a clamp that is still strong and sturdy.

4. Pre-exercise

If you are new to every game or game, it will certainly be difficult to succeed. So does the doll claw machine game.

For this reason, the most wanted how to hack doll claw machine can be practiced first to learn how to play, the rules of the game, and other information about the game.

This is to make the next game easier to play and to make it easier to get the dolls.

5. Use your time wisely

5 ways to use your time wisely to hack the Doll’s Claw Machine.

Claw doll games are also relatively short, so make the most of the time available.

To do so, position the tongs in seconds so that they are directly above the target doll.

You can use the machine’s mirror or enlist the help of a friend to do tricks to purchase dolls with this claw machine.

6. Must know stop time

The last one is how to hack a doll claw machine by knowing the stop time.

When playing with this doll claw machine, you need to decide how many coins you have.

So with the available coins, you can be more serious and thorough when playing.

Don’t pre-determine your costs. You end up going too far and wasting your money.

This game is for entertainment only, so don’t get too focused and force yourself to get the doll.

The last word

You can try how to hack a puppet claw machine and some tricks like the ones reviewed above.

Also, make sure your surroundings and conditions are safe when hacking.

If you want to be safer and more calm when playing with claw machines to get dolls, you can learn some of the tricks above.

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