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How to hack prices in Shopee 2022

– The Shopee application is easy to use and has many interesting features. One of them is the Shopee Coin feature.

These Shopee coins can be used for shopping and of course lower the price of the items you buy.

Of course, it’s even more useful for people who like shopping on Shopee, especially if they have a lot of coins.

To get Shopee Coins, you have to apply some special tricks.

There are many methods that can be applied, one of which is through hacking, which, if successful, can reduce the price of purchased goods.

For more information, see the following review on how to hack prices on Shopee.

How to hack prices on Shopee

1. How to Hack Shopee Prices by Sharing Referral Codes and Inviting Friends

How to hack prices on Shopee
How to Hack Shopee Prices by Sharing Referral Codes and Inviting Friends

One way to hack Shopee prices that can be used to get free Shopee Coins is by inviting friends or sharing your referral code.

If your friend uses the code to download the Shopee application, you will get the coins instantly.

The more invitation codes you share, the more coins you get.

This hack benefits both you and the person using the invite link code.

Typically, the person will receive 50% cashback on the purchase. For example, 50000 nominal coins will be credited directly to your Shopee Coins balance.

On the other hand, you can get 10000 Shopee Coins from Coins. For example, if a friend uses his Rp.200,000, he will get his Rp.100,000 cashback.

2. How to Hack Shopee Prices with Lucky Prizes

How to hack prices on Shopee
How to Hack Shopee Prices with Lucky Prizes

You can also get Shopee coins for free by hacking Shopee prices with lucky prizes.

The lucky prize program itself is usually found on the first page at the bottom and can be selected directly.

Later you can get Shopee Coins for free. We recommend opening it regularly to get more coins.

3. How to Hack Shopee Prices with Shopee Coin Rewards

How to hack prices on Shopee
How to hack Shopee prices with Shopee Coin Rewards

Free Shopee Coins can also be obtained by logging in daily or commonly referred to as Rewards.

On how to hack Shopee prices with Shopee coin rewards as follows:

  • As a first step, open the Shopee application on your mobile phone.
  • Then log into your account and click on the menu Me.
  • Then click the menu shoppy coin and click check in today entering the page Shopee coin rewardIf you check in every day, you will earn shopping coins every day. The number of coins you can earn is also increasing every day, and if you collect it, it will be a considerable amount.

4. How to Hack Shopee Prices by Playing Games

How to hack prices on Shopee
How to play games and hack Shopee prices

You can also earn free coins by playing games and hacking Shopee prices.

Because the Shopee application offers a variety of exciting and interesting games for all users to play.

The more often you play the game and complete missions successfully, the more coins you automatically earn.

5. How to hack Shopee prices for shopping

How to hack prices on Shopee
How to Hack Shopee Prices on Shopping

There are many advantages that you get if you shop frequently on Shopee. One of them is that you can get coins for free.

Here’s how to hack Shopee prices with applicable shopping.

1.Using cashback coupons

The Shopee app has a variety of vouchers, one of which is a cashback voucher that can be claimed and used for shopping.

So you can get discounts on products you want to buy later.

Shopping vouchers are generally awarded upon reaching a minimum shopping nominal and some other conditions.

Here’s how to get your cashback coupon:

  • Select the cashback voucher menu on the Shopee main page.
  • Then claim your cashback.
  • After the voucher has been successfully claimed, it can be used by entering it at checkout.
  • Shopee Coins will be credited to your account when you receive your order.

2. Provide product evaluation

When you shop on Shopee and receive an order, you will be asked to rate the item you purchased.

The reward for the assessment is 50 to 100 Shopee coins, and the number will naturally increase as you collect each time you shop.

The last word

These are some methods you can use to hack Shopee prices in order to get discounts.

So you can save a lot of pocket stuff, especially if the number of coins collected is quite large.

To get more coins, you can try the above methods one by one to the maximum.