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How to hack Moonton 2022 account

How to hack Moonton account

How to hack Moonton account – Online games are really fun and we never get tired of discussing them.

Your mission in this Mobile Legends game is to take down towers in the match arena.

You can win by defeating the main tower, but it looks easy but it’s difficult.

New or recent ML players will find it boring as special strategies and teammate cooperation should be as compact as possible.

Of course, mobile Legends game players also need a Sultan Account. Then you have to follow this method to hack Moonton ML or Mobile Legends account.

Mobile Legends or Moonton is one of the most frequently played games by children and adults alike.

There are many ways to hack a Moonton account, but here are the easiest ways to hack ML.

That way, as long as you follow the instructions given, you’ll be able to apply it right away.

How to hack Moonton account

How to hack Moonton account with latest Termux

How to hack Moonton account
How to hack Moonton account with latest Termux

Below are the steps to hack a Moonton account using the latest Termux. Easy and fast to do.

  • First download the termux application from the link provided. Termux.
  • Then open the application and install the package to hack your Moonton or Mobile Legends account.
  • Then type and install all the following packages: upt update

apt upgrade -y
pkg install git -y
pkg install bash -y
pkg install python2 -y
pkg install figlet -y
pkg install ruby ​​-y
gem install lolcat

Note: The above is written in lower case, press enter after writing the script line.

  • After installing the package, you need to install an existing ML account hack script. Wait for the process to complete.
  • Then enter the ML account hack script, cd PiPhish and sh
  • You will automatically be redirected to a new page.
  • Then enter username: ridwan (input) and password: erinafahira (input).
  • Enter your username and password and you will automatically be redirected to a new page. Select Moonton or Mobile Legends on that page and enter.
  • Selecting the Mobile Legend directs the link to the target.
  • If the target has filled the link, you need to check if the link was filled.
  • Then enter the command or script (to see the results).
  • Then select Moonton or Mobile Legend
  • Your username and password will be automatically retrieved and you’re done.

The last word

These are the steps we shared above that shouldn’t confuse you or put you in trouble.

It’s so easy, isn’t it? It doesn’t take much time.

Follow the steps above as needed. If this information is important to you, you can share it with your friends.

That concludes this article’s discussion of how to hack a Moonton account. 2022. If its helpful then im happy.

Dodi S.

Technical expert, editor and journalist at 1001Media.