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How to Hack ATM 2022 - Cara1001

How to hack an ATM

How to hack an ATM – ATMs or Automated Teller Machines are teller machines that use computerized systems to serve and assist customers in conducting various types of transactions.

The ATM card itself has a 6-digit security code, commonly called an ATM PIN.

This ATM PIN is confidential and known only to the ATM owner.

To have an ATM card, you must of course be a customer and have a savings account with a bank.

Whether by card or machine, the presence of ATMs makes it much easier for customers to conduct transactions and access information related to their bank accounts.

Some of this information is, for example, checking balances, transferring money, withdrawing cash, paying bills, etc.

Therefore, there is no need to visit the bank, which is considered cumbersome and inconvenient.

Discussion on how to hack an ATM

Because people have different personalities and understandings, they may not pay much attention to the security of information related to ATM cards.

So other people try to cheat by hacking their ATM cards.

Additionally, the sciences of technology are growing rapidly at the moment, one of which is the science of hackers.

Make a lot of scattered hacks easy and free to learn over the internet.

To avoid these hacker attacks, it never hurts to learn how to hack ATMs and how to hack BCA and other ATM accounts.

If you are one of those who are interested in this knowledge, you can listen to the following reviews on how to hack an ATM or break an ATM with an empty balance.

How to hack an ATM

1. How to Hack an ATM with Fake Internet Banking Software

How to hack an ATM
How to Hack an ATM with Fake Internet Banking Software

Using fake internet banking software to hack ATMs is widely used by hackers especially for banking purposes.

This method is commonly used as a way to transfer other people’s account balances to our account.

Usually, hackers can use special malware from free software atm android hacker to bypass all transactions made by customers.

The method used to break an ATM via mobile phone is to take over the customer’s internet banking account, and the funds deposited into the account are automatically routed to the hacker’s or perpetrator’s account.

Most of the hackers are foreigners and the victims are Indonesian.

2. How to hack an ATM with credit card robbery via a fake call application

How to hack an ATM
How to hack an ATM with credit card robbery via fake call application

Hackers not only infiltrate customers’ internet banking, but also use Fake Caller applications to infiltrate credit cards and hack ATMs.

The use of this application to break into a bank from your mobile phone is blocked by the Ministry of Communications and Information, but you can still access it using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Typically, with a VPN, the perpetrator calls the victim using a phone number that resembles the official bank number.

Hackers ask for the card’s CVV number and expiration date, and ask if the victim has made certain transactions.

If the victim feels they have never made a transaction, they are asked to cancel the transaction for security reasons.

Victims automatically believe it because they feel protected by their bank, and perpetrators ask to mention the OTP code sent to the victim’s phone number.

However, the secret code that cracks the ATM is actually used by the perpetrator to make transactions, all at the victim’s expense.

3. How to hack an ATM using the skimming method

How to hack an ATM
How to hack an ATM using the skimming method

Skimming is one method of hacking ATMs, attacking many customers of Indonesia’s state-owned banks.

In fact, this skimming ATM robbery group came from overseas, but the culprit had an operation team in Indonesia.

The method of hacking an ATM using the skimming method is a method of receiving money at an ATM using another person’s PIN by installing a special tool that can copy the customer’s ATM number and PIN surveillance camera on the ATM machine. .

Hackers take ATM numbers and PINs, match them against recorded time logs, insert them into blank cards, and then make transactions.

Such transactions on how to withdraw money from someone else’s account number are never rounded and can be detected from disbursement of funds with discounted administration fees.

4. How to Hack an ATM by Guessing the ATM PIN

How to hack an ATM
How to Hack an ATM by Guessing the ATM PIN Number

Methods of guessing ATM PIN numbers and hacking ATMs have also arisen, usually by bank employees, and some cases have been made public.

Because perpetrators have access to open customer data.

Most people also prefer to create passwords or PINs from memorable birthday combinations.

However, it turns out that PINs are more vulnerable to hacking and corruption.

5. How to Hack an ATM Via EDC Transactions

How to hack an ATM
How to Hack an ATM Via EDC Transactions

Hacking ATMs via EDC transactions can also be done using EDC machines commonly found in supermarkets, mini-markets, clothing stores, etc.

These shops are working with banks to help them serve buyers who don’t use cash for shopping.

The incident happened in Jakarta and the perpetrator was a former bank employee of EDC Machine.

The perpetrator hacks or scams by renting the EDC machine that the victim no longer uses to another store owner.

Regarding the bank report, the perpetrator made a false offer on behalf of the victim as a customer of an old EDC machine.

The last word

To avoid hacker attacks, you can learn several ways to hack ATMs as reviewed above.

We recommend that you use the methods above for learning purposes only and do not apply them to hacking someone else’s ATM.

For some reason, hacking an ATM is the same as stealing and can automatically harm you and others.

Don’t miss our next article on how to hack an ATM with your finger and how to hack a foreign bank.

That’s all for this article How to hack an ATM 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.