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How to get FF 2022 callback prizes

How to get FF callback rewards
How to get FF callback rewards– Call Back Free Fire is Garena’s recent event to encourage more enthusiastic play of this online game.
The way this Free Fire Call Back Event works is to remind old friends not to log in.

If you haven’t logged in for a long period of at least 7 days and happen to have an old Free Fire account that hasn’t logged in during that time, you can also use it.

Do you know what diamonds are? Yes, diamonds are the exchange rate for purchasing exclusive items such as weapon skins and character costumes.

You can also purchase diamonds with money through in-game features and third-party providers such as Garena and official Marketplace partners.

No need to spend money. Get tens of thousands of free diamonds just by participating in friend callback mission events.

How are you interested? Now, see the discussion below on how to win the FF Call Back prize.

How to get FF callback rewards

1. How to get FF callback prizes by participating in the event

How to get FF callback rewards
How to get FF callback prizes by participating in the event

Our preferred way to win the first FF callback prize is to attend the event.

Playing games is one of the most exciting things right now. Because this guy never gets bored once he’s played one game.

Free Fire game has many new challenges that are very exciting to play. The game has a very exciting Type Battle Royale.

The events Galena puts on are pretty good and you won’t regret attending them.

However, some of you may still be confused about how to complete the event.

A callback is an action that requires you to call an old friend to play your FF game again.

By doing things like this, you can reward your friends if they actually play again.

Win attractive prizes with or without callback events.

But the main condition is to invite old friends. By doing so, you will be able to win the prizes Garena offers.

2. Easy way to get FF callback prizes

How to get FF callback rewards
Easy way to get FF callback prizes

Instead of getting confused about how to easily win the FF Callback bounty, just take a quick look at the review below.

  • As a first step, you first need to log into your Free Fire account.
  • mission selectioncallback FF“Then let’s go to the platform.”friend“.
  • Then select a friend to call back. (Not all can be called FF).
  • Then select the tab “call back“This is in each option”call back friends” Free Fire page.
  • You have to wait for your friend to click the callback invitation and play Free Fire again.
  • If your friend receives a Free Fire Callback invitation, they will go directly to the prize pickup menu.
  • Once everything is done, you’ll get a crate with prizes like Free Fire items and diamonds.

The last word

That’s how you win the Free Fire Call Back prize, an easy-to-use reference.

If you get an error when doing the above method, make sure you did it correctly and follow the steps carefully.

We do not guarantee a 100% success rate.

That’s all for this article How to get FF callback prizes 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.