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How to delete friends on LINE 2022

how to delete friends on line

how to delete friends on line ――Are you still sticking to LINE? Yes that’s right, this application is equipped with funny stickers to look at.

With this application you can easily communicate with your friends.

So if you want to delete online friends, do you know how to delete online friends?

The Line application is a messaging-based social media application that is also very widely used, but this application is not as popular as the Facebook application i.e. WhatsApp.

This application was developed by Naver Corporation and according to Play Store data, this application has been downloaded over 600 million times.

See below for how to delete LINE friends.

how to delete friends on line

how to delete friends on line
how to delete friends on line

Like other social media applications, this application is also loaded with various interesting features that make it very useful and convenient for users.

One of the most used features is the add friend feature. Yes, this feature is very useful for those who want to add friends to their contacts.

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However, among the various types of friends you have, there may be one or several friends who annoy you and want to delete their friend’s contacts from the LINE account you currently have. .

If that’s what you want to do, this article is the right choice for you. Yes, I will show you how to delete online friends.

For those of you who want to remove friends who are annoying you online, here are the correct and easy ways to remove friends online.

Please read how to delete LINE friends below and follow us.

  1. First, you need to open the Line application on your phone and navigate directly to the “person” symbol on the left side of the line. This symbol shows all your friends, groups and official accounts contacts. After that, you need to find the friend you want to remove.
  2. Once you have decided which friend you want to remove, you will then need to long press on the name of the friend you wish to remove. Then you need to select “Hide”.
  3. You will then be asked if you would like to hide your friends.If you want to hide her LINE contact from your friend, immediately[OK]Please press. Yes, you have successfully hidden your LINE friends. Easy, isn’t it?

If you have hidden your friends, your next step is to delete the contact.

  1. You need to press the “three dots” icon on the right. The functionality of this symbol includes many other options such as theme shops, stickers, adding friends, and more. Here, just select Add Friend.
  2. Click “Add Friends” and a new screen will appear. At this stage, you need to select “Gear” in the upper right corner.
  3. The next line shows Hidden Users and Blocked Users. Hidden users are friends that you have hidden. You have to click on hidden users.
  4. After that you need to select the name of the friend you have and press the “Edit” menu
  5. When you press the edit menu, a popup will appear to read and delete your friend’s name and show it again. Therefore, you should press the Delete key at this stage.

    The last word

    How to delete LINE friends is very easy, isn’t it? Please do your best. Hope the above method works for you.

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    That’s our whole discussion in this article how to delete friends online 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.