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How to change inactive FB number 2022

How to change an inactive FB number

Starting from teens, kids, teens to adults, have FB/Facebook accounts.

Facebook has a fairly strong account security system that uses email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

If your registered mobile number becomes invalid, you will need to replace it. You should also know how to change your mobile number on Facebook so your account is always secure.

Facebook can be used for many purposes: sharing stories, communicating, finding information, finding friends, and as a means of entertainment.

With this Facebook app, you can share videos and photos of your family and friends with others.

This Facebook and FB application can also be used as a very easy and fast promotional tool.

I think there are several reasons why someone would change their phone number in their FB application. Is it because the registered number is no longer active or is there some other reason?

If you want to change your phone number on Facebook, you can do it using an intermediate laptop or HP.

See below for a very easy way to change a no longer active FB number.

How to change an inactive FB number

How to change an inactive FB number

How to change an inactive FB number
How to change an inactive FB number

How to change a Facebook HP number that is no longer active is very important. All this to maintain the security of your FB or Facebook account.

As a social media, FB/Facebook also experience problems very often and you can overcome these problems with your Facebook account.

The FB security system uses verification codes or verification codes, so you need to know how to change your FB verification mobile number.

If your mobile number is confiscated, the Facebook application will not be able to monitor your FB account automatically.

If you lost or replaced your mobile number, you can replace your inactive FB number by following the steps below.

  • Connect your PC or mobile to the Internet network. First, make sure your internet network is stable and smooth.
  • Then open the FB application in the browser menu.
  • After successfully opening the Facebook page, enter your FB address and password.
  • After successfully logging in, select the settings menu or settings in the top right corner of the FB/Facebook main page.
  • In the settings options, select the personal information option.
  • On that page, select the HP number column and edit the HP number.
  • Do not delete your old mobile number first. Select the option to add a new mobile number.
  • Then enter your new mobile number and wait until you receive a verification code or verification code.
  • The verification code or verification code will be sent directly via SMS. Please check your inbox and enter the verification code directly in the column provided.
  • [保存]Select and review your personal information in your Facebook account to make sure that how to change your mobile number on Facebook was successful.
  • end.

The last word

These are the steps on how to change a Facebook mobile number that is no longer active.

This method aims to keep your device data on Facebook or FB application secure and not easily hijacked by others.

If the number you’re using is no longer active, immediately follow the instructions above to change your Facebook mobile number.

That’s our whole discussion in this article How to change an inactive FB number 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.