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How To Borrow Telkomsel 2022 Emergency Credit

Telkomsel Emergency Credit Payment Methods

Especially when you run out of selected credits, your wallet is low on content, and you don’t have a free quota.

Indeed, this method of borrowing Telkomsel emergency credit without fees is one of the golden solutions that can overcome your problem.

This Telkomsel’s own emergency credit service is a service provided by Telkomsel to its users.

Allows users to communicate even when their credits are depleted.

Luckily, you can actually pay off your Telkomsel credit this way.

Once you have activated the Telkomsel emergency credit package, you can create phone SMS.

You can also access the Internet network according to your already available quota, even if you don’t have enough credits at that time.

Using this emergency credit service from Telkomsel has a completely different principle than using other Telkomsel packages.

Interested and want to try? See how to pay for Telkomsel Emergency Credit below.

Telkomsel Emergency Credit Payment Methods

Easy Telkomsel Emergency Credit Debt

Telkomsel Emergency Credit Payment Methods
Easy Telkomsel Emergency Credit Debt

This Telkomsel credit loan service should be activated first, although it is only an emergency.

The operator will also need your consent to use this emergency credit service.

This method is not much different from paying credits with Tri operators.

You can also do this in a few different ways to pay off your credits with the Telkomsel operator.

This can be done via SMS, USSD Menu Browser (UMB) and MyTelkomsel application.

There are three ways to pay Telkomsel emergency credits or borrow credits from the operator via the emergency package service.

1. How to Borrow Telkomsel Emergency Credit through UMB

The first way to pay Telkomsel Emergency Credit is through the UMB code. This method is the same as checking the pulse, Telkomsel number.

There are also other UMB features that require you to enter a specific code to activate this service.

To pay off your Telkomsel emergency credits via UMB, you need to do the following:

  • Open your phone application.
  • Then enter the code *500*5# to call or[OK]Click.
  • Wait a few moments for the urgent credit offer to appear.
  • Then reply by typing ‘1’ to consent to Telkomsel’s emergency credit service.
  • If the time has passed, you will be notified when your Telkomsel emergency credits have been successfully activated.
  • After receiving notification, you will no longer be able to use Telkomsel services, depending on the size of the package received.

2. How to pay Telkomsel credits via SMS

The second way to pay for this Telkomsel emergency credit is through the SMS option.

If you’re short on phone credit, SMS, or internet packages and of course you meet existing criteria, you’ll also receive an SMS from 5111 about an urgent credit offer.

Simply reply YES to the SMS to activate this emergency credit.

Please wait. Emergency credit is automatically activated.

3. How to pay Telkomsel Emergency Credit through the MyTelkomsel application

Proceed to the instructions on how to pay off your Telkomsel emergency credits below.

  • From the MyTelkomsel application main page, select the package purchase option next to the Telkomsel POIN option.
  • or at the bottom[ショップ]You can also press the option directly.
  • Then go to the shop page and there is a “Special for You” section at the top of the page.
  • [すべて表示]Click the word
  • Then select the emergency credits you want to use.
  • end.

The last word

This is how to pay emergency credit with Telkomsel operators via USS, SMS, MyTelkomsel application and you can practice it yourself.

If you don’t know how to borrow or pay credit with Telkomsel operator, you can follow the above methods.

The MyTelkomsel application also provides additional information about your current Telkomsel number.

More discussion in this article Telkomsel Emergency Credit Payment Methods 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.