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First Media 2022 How to Change Wifi Password

How to change first media Wi-Fi password
It’s not uncommon for many users to complain about the sudden slowness of their First Media WiFi Internet network.

First Media’s Internet network can slow down because too many people are connecting to the WiFi.

To solve this problem, whether you, the owner of this First Media WiFi network, need to find a way to close access to the WiFi Internet network, whether you like it or not.

One way to resolve this is to change the password of the WiFi First Media TP link.

This method is considered very effective in preventing others from connecting to your WiFi Internet network without your permission.

Proceed to how to change the Wifi First Media password below as follows.

How to change first media Wi-Fi password

How to Change First Media Wi-Fi Password Easily

How to change first media Wi-Fi password
How to Change First Media Wi-Fi Password Easily

This time, I will show you two ways to change your First Media Wifi password very easily.

The first is via the site and the second is for CISCO E-900 type Wifi First Media users.

Out of curiosity! Go to How to Change Wifi First Media Password below as follows.

1. How to change First Media Wi-Fi from First Media website

To keep you from getting interested in this, here are some ways to change your password from First Media’s website.

  • The first step you have to do is connect to the First Media WiFi internet connection network.
  • Then enter the number in your browser to enter the router page.
  • All that’s left is to change the First Media WiFi password.
  • Enter the number above to enter the login page.
  • On this login page, enter your administrator password in the User and Password fields.
  • For example, you cannot use your customer number.
  • After successfully logging in,[ワイヤレス設定]select the option and[セットアップ]Please select an option.
  • Then enter the setup menu and enter the SSID name or wireless network name you want to use and the password (network key).
  • and,[設定を保存]Click.
  • end.

2. How to change CISCO First Media WiFi password

If you have a CISCO E-900 type Wifi First Media router, you can change your WiFi First Media password in a slightly different way.

Below is how to change the fast media WiFi password for users of CISCO E-900 routers.

  • Open a browser on your smartphone, etc.
  • Then type in the address bar.
  • Then enter your customer number or control word in the password field,[OK]Click.
  • Leave the Nickname column blank.
  • [ワイヤレス]After selecting an option,[ワイヤレス セキュリティ]Click Options.
  • Then enter WPA2/WPA mixed mode in the security mode option column.
  • Then change the password to use[パスフレーズ]Fill in the fields.
  • after that,[設定を保存]Click to save your new password.
  • end.

The last word

These are two ways to easily change your First Media WiFi password.

The steps for the above two methods are equally easy.

But the difference is that the second method is specifically for CISCO E-900 type Wifi First Media users.

That’s our whole discussion in this article How to change first media Wi-Fi password 2022. I hope I can be of help to you.