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Third Day Closed Qualifier Mobile Legends PPE 2022, Gold Ranger Caster and Pak Pulung Comment on the Return of EVOS Legends Performance!

EVOS Legends is one of the teams that has been eagerly awaited for its game here Closed Qualifier Mobile Legends President’s Cup Esports 2022. Seeing the defeat that always happens to the tiger team, Mobile Legends lovers are certainly looking forward to whether their performance will improve again.

After defeating Bigetron Alpha and Alter Ego on Day Three Closed Qualifier Mobile Legends The 2022 Esports President’s Cup, EVOS Legends seems to have found a bright spot. The presence of EVOS Ferxiic and EVOS Branz in the squad certainly adds to the breaking power for the white tiger team.

Successful performance displayed by roster EVOS Legends is indeed worthy of thumbs up. Quite a lot of changes that occurred in the squad. Their game is so disciplined/

With EVOS Legends winning twice in a row, of course, the Gold Ranger and Pak Pulung also responded to this.

“This is EVOS Legends back to performance, hell! Before, EVOS Legends always under perform, fall, and even forget how to win. But here, EVOS Legends has improved a lot,” said the Golden Ranger.

Met by KINCIR at the same time, Pak Pulung also commented, that the collaboration of each player has begun to ‘find’. Of course, this is also an important factor that supports the performance of EVOS Legends.

EVOS Legends’ victory over Alter Ego certainly surprised many. Seeing that Alter EDO and Bigetron Alpha were in their best performance, the tiger team actually managed to show a game that made both of them dizzy.

It’s really fun, the moments that happened at the 2022 Esports President Cup! Make sure you watch the excitement live through the YouTube channel, TikTok, and the KINCIR Esports Vidio. Don’t forget to keep visiting KINCIR so you don’t miss the latest news about games and esports!