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The She-Hulk Cast in Episode 9 Turns Out to be a Man!

Launch The Direct, the figure of She-Hulk in the ninth episode of the series was played by a man named Devon Lewis. However, Lewis doesn’t play the female superhero in every scene in the ninth episode. Because, Lewis only became the female superhero in the opening scene of the ninth episode, titled “Savage She-Hulk”.

Devon Lewis also shared a number of photos and videos of himself while on the set of the series that is part of the MCU. In the photos and videos, we can see the process makeup Lewis to become the female superhero. Lewis’ whole body looks full of green paint and his big and stocky body makes him very suitable to be a She-Hulk without the need for CGI.

For your information, the opening scene in the ninth episode of this superhero series is a tribute to the series The Incredible Hulk which premiered in 1978 and starred Lou Ferrigno. The opening scene in the ninth episode is actually a parody of the 1970s version. The use of male actors as She-Hulk for the scene also greatly adds to the comedy feel.

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