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The Hulk's Hair in the She-Hulk Series Turns Out To Be Almost Emo

The appearance of Skaar in season finale serial She-Hulk It was immediately successful in making a scene on social media. However, the uproar was not only because the audience was surprised by Skaar’s appearance, but also because his hairstyle was considered strange. Moreover, Skaar’s hairstyle in the series is very different from Skaar’s figure in the comic version.

Well, it was recently revealed that Skaar almost had an even more different hairstyle in the series She-Hulk when it was first designed. This is revealed through post-an Instagram of Jeremy Simser which is storyboard artist from the series. Simser uploaded an image of the initial design of the scene of Skaar’s appearance featuring the Hulk boy with an emo hairstyle.

This design also indicates that Skaar was originally intended as a teenager who was in the emo phase. In fact, in the initial design, Skaar also seems to be focusing on playing with his mobile phone which makes him even more like an emo kid who doesn’t care about the world around him.

The concept of Skaar, which was in the emo phase of its initial design, actually made sense. Because, in the comics, Skaar is stable or always has the status of a teenager in the early stages and never grows up. People who are in the emo phase are generally teenagers. Unfortunately, it is not revealed why the initial design ultimately failed to be used in the series.