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The Cause of AURA Fire being eliminated from the 2022 Esports President's Cup Qualification According to Ko Lius

The 2022 Esports President’s Cup qualification on the first day immediately grabbed attention. In the first match, the AURA Fire team was immediately eliminated after losing to A8 Esports.

The defeat was certainly very attention-grabbing, considering that AURA Fire is one of the professional teams that competed in the MPL tournament. They even made it through to the playoffs of the tournament Mobile Legends the.

That’s why many questions have surfaced, what caused AURA Fire to lose to A8 Esports. KINCIR immediately chatted with Ko Lius, to discuss this phenomenon.

According to Ko Lius, AURA Fire lost because they didn’t use the META they used to play. Ko Lius also argues, if AURA Fire uses this match to use Heroes that they rarely use before.

“The reason AURA Fire lost in my opinion is because they didn’t play using their META which they usually show. For example, High who uses Gusion, it’s a bit rare in my opinion. Then Kabuki also plays with Irithel, who is not his strongest Hero. So I don’t think theytrollbut they want to see if there’s a Hero they can do explore,” said Ko Lius exclusively to KINCIR.

On the other hand, Ko Lius also appreciated the performance of A8 Esports. He believes that the highly disciplined A8 Esports game is the key to their victory over the fire dragon team.

“It deserves a thumbs up for the A8. In terms of the game they are also very disciplined. To face a team like AURA who also plays in MPL, micro and macro from the A8 is also really cool. Indeed, the A8 is also crazy,” concluded Ko Lius to KINCIR regarding the performance of the A8 team.


That’s Ko Lius’ opinion about AURA Fire’s defeat in the 2022 Esports President’s Cup qualification. Keep watching this series of tournaments, only through the KINCIR Esports YouTube channel and the Vidio application.

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