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Starring Perfect Strangers, Denny Sumargo Calls the Film Strange!

Denny Sumargo is now better known to be active with programs podcasther on her YouTube channel. However, Denny is also still actively starring in various films to this day. This year alone, Denny has appeared in two films, namely Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2022) and Perfect Strangersa film to be released in the near future exclusively on Prime Video.

In his latest film, Denny plays a character named Anjas. At the press conference Perfect Strangers (17/10) which was held by Prime Video Indonesia, Denny shared his impressions about this new film. Unexpectedly, Denny even called the film itself weird!

“In my opinion, this is to be honest, yes, their friendship (Anjas and other characters in ) Perfect Strangers) is weird, really. Is it because I’ve never made friends like that? It’s like they’re hanging out together, continuing to talk about their problems together, I think that’s weird. Then, there was an invitation to play a strange game, in my opinion. What kind of friendship is that, anyway? How can you not trust each other? I think the film is unique and very intense,” said Denny.

Starring Perfect Strangers, Denny Sumargo Calls the Film Strange!

Starring Perfect Strangers, Denny Sumargo Calls the Film Strange! Via

For information, this film is a Perfect Strangers remake (2016), by Paolo Genovese, produced by Italy. Perfect Strangers the Indonesian version tells the story of seven friends who attend a banquet and decide to play a game that involves their cell phones. Because of the game, their dark secret is finally revealed.

Directed by Rako Prijanto, Perfect Strangers Starring Vino G. Bastian, Adipati Dolken, Darius Sinathrya, Denny Sumargo, Jessica Mila, Clara Bernadeth, and Nadine Alexandra. This film will be released exclusively on Prime Video on October 20, 2022. Save the date and follow KINCIR for more information about other films, OK!