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Skyla: Many Surprises Present on Day 1 Closed Qualifier Free Fire President's Cup Esports 2022

Surprise after surprise is born in every folder which is executed. For games battle royale like this, it is no longer a secret. Almost the entire team performed optimally on the first day.

The surprise was quite highlighted when ONIC Olympus got Booyah twice. Success happens in two folder which are very exciting, namely Purgatory and also Kalahari. In addition, even lower teams performed optimally even though they still did not get satisfactory results. However, the effort has been given and is seen in every folder that was done.

“There were quite a few surprises on the first day. Like the Olympus ONIC which appears quite optimal. However, what I noticed was that there were quite a few teams that were inconsistent. In the previous tournament they performed great, but in this tournament it’s live down. So I think it’s going to be fun, because you can’t predict what’s going to happen,” he said caster Skyla.

Seeing enough surprises that happened on the first day, of course, the second day will be even more exciting for sure. Change gameplay from each team makes it even more difficult to predict. So, it is certain that the next day will be full of surprises.