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Mosul Movie Showtimes and How to Check Mosul Movie Tickets

Mosul film screening schedule – Want to watch a cool and thrilling action movie? You might like the movie Mosul that’s currently showing.

Mosul film directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan has been eagerly awaited release by many people.

Do you know when the Mosul movie is showing? If not, then you should listen to information about Mosul this film.

Practical methods will also reveal a synopsis of the Mosul film, who knows you might be interested in this one action film.

Mosul Movie Synopsis

Mosul is an action film by director Matthew Michael Carnahan. Like the title of the film, this Mosul film tells the story of the Mosul war that took place in 2016.

The Mosul war was a war fought between Isis and Iraq and their allies. The city of Mosul in Iraq has actually been controlled by the Isis group since 2014. The story begins with 3 Mosul police officers who arrest Isis drug smugglers.

Mosul movie showtimes
Mosul movie showtimes

The three policemen ran out of bullets while defending themselves at a cafe. Luckily, the Swat Nineveh team found and saved the three policemen from Isis’s clutches. Then the three policemen were offered to join Swat Nineveh.

Mosul Movie Showtimes

Mosul This film stars Is’haq Elias, Waleed Elgadi, Hayat Kamille, Thaer Al-Shayei, Suhail Dabbach, Ahmad Elghanem, and also Adam Bessa. This Mosul film is guaranteed to be exciting, so you will have nothing to lose by watching this film.

Many were already looking forward to the screening of the Mosul film. You can watch this Mosul movie at Cinema XXI. The Mosul movie started showing since October 14, 2022. So you can now watch this Mosul movie.

You can start ordering Mosul tickets through online cinema ticket booking applications such as M-Tix or TIX ID. You can also go directly to the cinema to buy tickets for this Mosul movie.

How to Check Mosul Film Tickets

If you don’t want to run out of Mosul tickets, then you can check movie tickets on the M-Tix application, TIX ID, or other cinema applications. You can follow this tutorial to check Mosul movie tickets. Here’s how to check Mosul movie tickets:

  1. You can open the online cinema ticket purchase application that you have, for example, TIX ID.
  2. Select the region where you want to watch the cinema, then you can click on the Mosul movie banner.
  3. After that, you can check the availability of tickets by clicking on the schedule you want to watch at your favorite cinema.
  4. Then information about available seats will appear in the cinema.
  5. You can choose a seat and continue paying for the Mosul cinema ticket.

That’s the info on the Mosul film screening schedule that we can convey on this occasion. So much info on the Mosul film screening schedule that we can convey this time. May be useful!