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MiChat 2022 App Secret - Cara1001

MiChat App Secret

MiChat app secret what you need to know, MiChat has recently become one of the most popular chat applications by various users, usually these users come to find a match online.

Just like other messaging applications, the MiChat application allows you to send messages in the form of text, photos and videos, MiChat also supports the feature to chat in groups, with a maximum of 500 people.

This application was developed by Michat PTE Limited from Singapore and was first released in 2022 to date, MiChat has become one of the most popular messaging applications both on Android and iOS.

Behind its popularity, this application is often used as an online prostitution platform “Open BO” (Booking Online), especially in Indonesia, the use of MiChat as an Open BO platform has been widely known by the people of Indonesia.

Online prostitution through this application is considered more practical and safer than conventional prostitution, and MiChat is considered safer for online prostitution because users and online sex workers can make COD or on-site payments.

For more details, on this occasion we will share information about MiChat app secret which is often used and see the following reviews.

Download and Install the MiChat application

MiChat App Secret
Download and Install the MiChat application

Before going to the secrets of the MiChat application you need to install this application to your smartphone in order to prove what you need to know when you already have a MiChat account.

Check out the steps on how to download and install the MiChat application that you can follow, which are as follows:

  • The first step, please download and install the MiChat application on your smartphone in the Play Store or via the following link (Download MiChat App for Android).
  • If the MiChat application asks for a number of permissions, please click on Allow to continue the account registration process.
  • The first time you open MiChat, usually the application will ask for a number of permissions to access various files and your smartphone system.
  • Please allow the application to access it starting from accessing photos, files, media, contacts, locations and so on on your smartphone.
  • Please tap Continue and Allow.
  • Then you will be asked to register or register for MiChat.
  • Provide an active phone number because later a verification code will be sent to the cellphone number.
  • For those who are joining this application for the first time, the way to register on MiChat is similar to how to register in the WhatsApp and LINE applications.
  • You will be asked to fill in your cellphone number, account name, upload a profile photo and you need permission to access the gallery or photos and others.
  • You need to verify the phone number, by entering the code sent via SMS to the registered number in the column provided.
  • After the MiChat application list process series is complete, you will be asked to add friends on MiChat for the first time with Nearby Friends recommendations and others.
  • If you are not interested in adding a new friend immediately, you can skip this step by clicking Skip in the upper-right corner of your cellphone screen.
  • For various ways to find friends on MiChat, you can read more in the next discussion.
  • If you get there, then you have successfully created a new account on MiChat and added some new friends.
  • Done.

Find Users Nearby

MiChat App Secret
Find Users Nearby

To use find MiChat friends with the Nearby Users feature, you must first activate Location or GPS on your device or smartphone.

Before going to the secret explanation of the MiChat application, see the steps on how to use find friends by looking for users around you that you can follow, which are as follows:

  • If you have activated GPS, please open the MiChat application.
  • Then, click the Friends menu > Nearby Users, then you will see a list of friends that you can add to chat with now or later.

You can also filter who will be recommended, you can choose user recommendations around only women, only men or others.

The trick is after selecting the Nearby Users option, please tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the MiChat application, then just select the type of filtration you want.

Find Friends on MiChat via Message Tree

MiChat App Secret
Find Friends on MiChat via Message Tree

In the MiChat application there is a feature called Message Tree, this feature allows you to send messages to hang on the tree, hoping to be found and read by other MiChat users.

For anyone who finds and retrieves messages on the tree, they can immediately reply or ignore your messages, as for some messages that can be hung on the Message Tree in the form of text messages and voice notes or talking.

Before going to the secret code for the MiChat application, see how to use the Message Tree feature on MiChat which you can follow, which are as follows:

  • Please tap the Friends menu > Message Tree. Then select one of the 3 options you want to use either Text, speak or capture.
  • You can also retrieve other people’s messages by clicking the Fetch button in the lower-right corner, then you will be selected (randomly) depending on the message.
  • You can read or listen to the message immediately, and you can also see who sent the message.
  • If you want to reply to the message, click the Reply button, if you are not interested, please click the X button to hang the message again.

Find a Friend (Like for Like) feature

MiChat App Secret
Find a Friend (Like for Like) feature

The Like for Like feature is a secret feature of the MiChat application in most chat or dating applications, you can find friends quite uniquely, namely through the like for like action.

The way it works is by liking one of your friends in your MiChat contacts, then a moment later a recommendation of people you can like others will appear and so on.

Check out the steps on how to use the Find Friends feature on MiChat that you can follow, which are as follows:

  • Click the Friends menu in the MiChat application and select Find Friends.
  • In the next screen you are asked to add the most beautiful photo you have, gender and age.
  • After completing filling or adding personal data, continue by clicking the Authorize location button and continue.
  • Then a moment later you will be shown a person’s profile photo, name, age and distance from where you are.
  • If you like click the heart button (green) or swipe right.
  • If you don’t like it click the x (red) button or swipe left.

For example, you click like on someone, if the person you like replies to the like, then you will be friends and if not, then the likes given are one-sided.

MiChat App Secret Codes

MiChat App Secret
MiChat App Secret Codes

Actually, the secret codes that we are going to share are not state intelligence class secrets, these codes are actually public secrets that are also commonly used.

This MiChat secret code is intended for those of you who just happen to be using MiChat, so as not to be surprised and worried that the conversation will not continue when the chat on the other side sends these strange terms.

Check out some of the MiChat application secret codes that you need to know, which are as follows:

  • BO: Booking Out / Booking Order
  • ST: Short Time.
  • LT: Long Time.
  • GH: Guest House.
  • VCS: Sex Video Call.
  • Negotiable: Price Bid.
  • Free Room: Free Room.
  • Include: Price and Room.
  • Exclude: Roomless Rates.
  • PAP: Post a Picture or have a picture sent.

The final word

That was some explanation and some code MiChat app secret 2022 that you need to know in order to smooth your communication with new people in this MiChat application.

Don’t forget to share this article’s information to your social media accounts and to your close friends or relatives who don’t know what features are in this MiChat application.

That’s all of our discussion in this article, about the secret code in the MiChat application that you can use for personal purposes or for certain missions. Hopefully useful and good luck.