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Maxis and Electronic Arts Leak A Little Update About The Sims 5 Game

Maxis and Electronic Arts have finally officially announced that they are working on a project for the game The Sims latest. The project will be named Project Rene, and is still in the early development stage.

The announcement was made during the Behind the Sims Summit which took place online. They not only provide information about The Sims 4but also provides a little snippet of Project Rene which is allegedly a game The Sims latest.

We managed to get some interesting information from the snippet. For example the customization system and build mode which is much deeper than The Sims 4. Now some small things that previously couldn’t be done, can be done in Project Rene.

Later we will be able to customize trivial things, such as the head of the mattress, the color and shape of the sheets to the placement of the pillows on the sofa. In addition, there are also various patterns for mattresses and sheets, as well as the appearance of color wheel what the players have been waiting for The Sims.

But the most interesting is the features coop for build mode. They show a snippet showing if the game The Sims later can be played simultaneously, via PC or smartphone.

“Today marks the beginning of Project Rene, which we will be working on for the next few years. The project we built on the strong foundation of The Sims, and want to continue to provide new experiences for players. We will continue to provide updates on this project, going forward,” said Lyndsay Pearson who is Vice President of Creative Franchise for The Sims.

Nonetheless, the release date of the game The Sims This latest one is still quite far away. Currently, Maxis and Electronic Arts are still focused on providing updates for The Sims 4which just became a game free-to-play.


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