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Marvel Studios Gets The Dictator Actor to Play Mephisto in Ironheart Series?

During broadcast WandaVision, rumors often arise that a Marvel villain named Mephisto will be present in the series. However, until the end of the series even today, Mephisto has not appeared at all in the MCU project. Well, interestingly, recently a new rumor circulated that Marvel Studios had found a cast for Mephisto in the MCU.

Launch The Direct, Marvel Studios has reportedly hooked up with Sacha Baron Cohen, who was previously famous through films The Dictator (2012) as Mephisto in the MCU. The figure of Sacha Baron Cohen’s version of Mephisto is also reportedly going to appear in the MCU through a series Ironheart. Even so, until now there has been no further confirmation of this rumor from Marvel Studios or Sacha Baron Cohen.

For those of you who don’t know, Mephisto is one of the most famous and strongest villains in the Marvel universe. Mephisto is told as a demon who has lived for a long time and likes to make agreements with anyone, even Spider-Man. If there were people who didn’t keep their agreement, Mephisto didn’t hesitate to torture them in this life and beyond.

Mephisto’s presence in the series Ironheart it actually makes sense. Because, serial Ironheart reportedly will feature a war between modern technology against witchcraft. The main villain in the series Ironheart reportedly is The Hood, a villain who gains powers after shooting demons. Well, it could be that in the series later the demon figure he shoots is Mephisto.