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Korean Dramas Threatened Not To Be Aired At All in the Philippines

Korean dramas are one of the most popular shows in various countries, not only in their home country. Drama is also a favorite spectacle for a number of Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia and the Philippines. Even so, recently news emerged that the Philippine government is planning to block the broadcast of Korean dramas to all platform existing in their country.

Yep, the ban plan is not only limited to one drama title, but all of them. Launch CNN Philippines, this plan was revealed by a member of the Philippine government council named Jinggoy Estrada who is also a former actor. The reason Estrada planned to block drakor was to encourage Filipinos to support local production events.

In addition, Estrada also revealed that the Filipino people have been too busy enjoying the spectacle that comes from South Korea. This, according to him, has made a number of Filipino actors out of work in recent times.

Estrada’s statement also drew criticism from Filipino netizens who felt that the plan would not have a positive impact. Because, according to netizens, the existence of content from outside such as drakor will actually make local-produced content have a rival to improve quality. Netizens also asked Estrada to focus more on improving the local entertainment industry instead of banning drakor.

Until now, Estrada’s statement is still a plan and there is no certainty whether drakor will actually be banned by the Philippines. However, the Philippines is not the only country that is planning to ban drakor. Because, in 2016, the Chinese government was also reported to have planned to block all content from South Korea due to the heated political conditions of the two countries, although in the end it didn’t happen.

So, what is your response to the plan to block drama dramas in the Philippines? Share your opinion and keep following KINCIR for the latest news about other films, okay!