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Kim Seon-ho Returns to the Small Screen Soon!

Still attached to the memory of the case cancel culture to Korean actor, Kim Seon-ho, for the forced abortion case. From this case, his career was fading. Even though in Korean dramas Start-up (2020) and Hometown Cha Cha Cha (2021), he so captivated fans thanks to his charm.

As we know that cangel culture from the South Korean public is known to be terrible. Although it has not been proven that Seon-ho is guilty, the public still wants the actor not to appear in various series and films. In the end, it turns out that Seon-ho is not advocating abortion at all and intends to take responsibility.

Sadly, cancel culture it had had a huge impact on his career and had contracts canceled for him. However, recently on October 19, JTBC News reported that Kim Seon-ho will return with a drama titled Hash’s Shinru.

Kim Seon-ho returns to the small screen soon

Kim Seon-ho soon returns to the small screen Via

In response to the report, a representative from Kim Seon-ho’s agency, SALT Entertainment, confirmed that the actor is currently in talks to star in a new Korean drama.

“Actor Kim Seon-ho has received an offer to star in the drama Hash’s Shinru, and he is positively reviewing the offer,” said a representative from SALT Entertainment.

Hash’s Shinru will take place in the era of King Sejong, also known as the Joseon Renaissance. This historical romance drama tells the story of crown prince Lee Hyang, a scientist who loves the stars, and Hae Roo, a mysterious woman who can see the future.

Korean actor Kim Seon-ho

Korean actor Kim Seon-ho Via


Writer Yoon Yi-soo of the original web novel of the same name will write the script personally. Yoon Yi-soo is also the writer behind the web novel which is the basis of the popular drama Love in the Moonlight (2016).

Kim Seon-ho has reportedly been offered the role of crown prince Lee Hyang. If he accepts the role, this will be his second historical drama after drama 100 Days My Prince (2018). After starring in drama Touching the Void earlier this year, the 1986-born actor is currently also preparing to return with a movie Sad Tropics.

For those of you who are loyal fans of Kim Seon-ho, are you happy to see the potential return of your favorite actor to the small screen? Well, don’t miss it uupdates latest about drama project Hash’s Shinru this is through KINCIR, yes!