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Indonesia Needs to Learn from the Philippines

“It could be that season 11 (MPL) has fewer Indonesian players. Why why? Yes sorry yes, this has happened. Before this (roster) from Indonesia all. It’s not impossible that we can be at that point. Indonesian players should be aware,” said Bang Fayad in a lunch session with KINCIR.

Not only focusing on athletes, the role of the coach is also very important to hone skills and maintain the sportsmanship of the players. Apart from himself, whether or not an athlete is toxic can be guarded by coach-his. Not only for the short term, the regeneration of coaches also really has to be considered. You see, not all good players can train.

“Back again all from how we guide them. Pro player it has no lesson, nothing text book-his. That’s all yes, duty coach who guide. So pro player it’s not just good. Attitude and discipline is also important because this greatly affects the in games,” said lead EVOS.

In the end, we wonder what makes pro player Can Indonesia compete with players from the Philippines? When referring to Reno’s EVOS words, what is needed is continuous and consistent guidance from the trainers. This will be a solution to the problem of educating the pro player to have a winning mentality, not an artist mentality.

By the number of candidates pro player which is so booming, there must be one or two “diamonds” that can be sharpened. Instead of regeneration, it is better if the big esports management in Indonesia must have a way of forming seeds pro player be a person who can bring achievement.

EVOS Esports

EVOS Esports Via


Seeing the development of esports in the country, it is undeniable that the potential for regeneration can continue to be carried out. However, are they ready to enter the competitive scene? Ready in the sense of having a strong competitive mentality. You see, their young souls still need direction. Afraid, in the midst of the frenzy of fame, they ignore the vision and mission and the task of being a pro player.

Those seeds must also have role a model that reflects a high champion mental attitude. Not only have skills tall and shouting when competing. This can hinder regeneration pro player slick. You see, from the beginning what you see is only how the attitude of the pro player when competing. Unlike the Philippines. As explained by Bang Fayad.

Improving myself since before so pro player

“I think the biggest factor that makes them strong is the level before they become” pro player. This is sustaining. That’s why academies are very important in Indonesia. They (the Philippines) already have a promising regeneration. as well as with role their models that show quality. So, candidates pro player there already have mind set if you want to be pro player should at least show equal quality.” explained Bang Fayad.

Turning to the country, the actual taunting action is not necessary, so the spectacle is considered interesting. If you wear the glasses of a businessman in the realm of entertainment, this is a plus. Because the conflict that is presented can bring money. However, when it comes to competing in the competitive arena, the shouts that are often displayed are said to bring down the opponent’s mentality, but in the end it becomes mere toxicity.


AURA Fire Via


“While in Indonesia it is different. It’s the smack that’s pressed, not the quality. We see in the big tournaments, the moment of screaming is getting louder. So what is being imitated is not quality. That’s what makes the difference and is a strong reason why the Philippines is now dominating.” added Bang Fayad.

Shaping positive vibes in the competitive scene of esports is the homework of many parties. As Head of Esports EVOS Esports, Reno explained that he and EVOS are really focused on developing their community. Not only from the fan side, but EVOS also often recruits players from their community.

“EVOS has found a pattern (through the community), but the players we are testing to recruit are actually being recruited.develop from zero. Our biggest focus is also from the coach. He has to really shape that player to be ready for the competitive scene,” he said.

Multiply achievements, not entertainment

There is one interesting thing that may be the target of many pro player. Media spotlight to glamorous life like a top artist is a person’s daily food pro player. Their career can be said to be brilliant. Done from finished pro playercan have great power to become streamer famous.

ONIC Butss

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No wonder, there are many who are dazzled by this. The main goal is no longer a matter of achievement but to build yourself into a famous person.

“If here, mind set young people are more into entertainment. So, they know esports is all about getting famous. Already. Then, no one has told you that esports is not just becoming famous. They ignore a lot of important things, like when theyrush You have to be quiet a lot because it can affect your brain and fine motor movements,” said Bang Fayad.

The esports team must learn, not just keep recruiting Filipino players

Apart from attitude, we overestimate Filipino players so that this phenomenon seems very sexy. I’m afraid that, in the future, the management of the Indonesian esports team will look to outsiders to become their players because they run out of local candidates.

We still have to learn how to regulate player turnover in the country. Maybe you can follow the example of the Aura Fire team, which still looks striking even though it doesn’t bring players from the Philippines. They don’t work hard for the sake of gaining popularity but focus on achievement.


AURA Fire Via


In session post match MPL Season 10 interview, Aura Tezet as From the explanation of AURA Tezet as Head Coach Aura Fire, we can learn how to make the most of the available ammunition without the need for intervention from foreign athletes. According to him, the performance of their team can still be appreciated.

“When asked why we didn’t recruit Filipino players, our five players are still very strong. We look back, last season they came in playoffs and so top 3. Yes, so why do we have to join in recruiting Filipino players?” Tezet said.

Indonesian professional teams should have this point of view. Even if it doesn’t develop for seasons, it shouldn’t depend on Filipino players. Should be able to maximize the existing potential to win the title.

Academy path to print quality players in skills and morals

The academy path is still considered the most logical way to create candidates pro player qualified. The problem is that until now there is only one academy dedicated to the formation of esports athletes, namely Garudaku from PBESI. There are not many forums that can overshadow the prospective esports athletes to be educated in quality.

“Actually, Garudaku from PBESI has also become one of the real solutions, right. Looking for new seeds, trainers and also player-player and other talents Now that’s actually good, because regeneration is important. Because every player There must be a time, right, you can say it’s rich, “explained Fayad

Indonesian Pro Player

Pro Player Indonesia Via


Bang Fayad also added that the Garudaku academy format was created to provide talented young people who are ready to compete. They are also currently preparing a syllabus about training materials at the academy later. Although it is not easy, Fayad is sure that this syllabus will be a solution.

“Why did it take us a long time to make the syllabus, because the goal is when they (academy students) are in the school.” scene pro“Esports teams really already have players who are really ready with all conditions,” concluded Fayad.

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