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Improved Performance of EVOS Legends, Can You Win the Mobile Legends Champion of the 2022 Esports President's Cup? This is Om Wawa's response

Meet the big teams in-lower bracket, quite a lot of guessed that defeat will be accepted again by the white tiger team. However, as long as match what EVOS Legends acted on managed to silence the mouths of netizens. Meet Rebellion Zion at-final closed qualifier Of course, many of the EVOS Branz teams expected that they would lose to the bull team.

Because, in the previous game, Rebellion Zion always got a very brilliant victory. However, EVOS Ferxiic and his friends managed to prove that their team deserves to be the champion in Indonesia.closed qualifier 2022 Esports President’s Cup.

Improved performance of EVOS Legends in-closed qualifierOf course, there are quite a lot of expectations that this team will win Mobile Legends President’s Cup Esports 2022. This was immediately responded by analyst Oh wow.

“For me, I can’t be sure of the winner. Because this is still being investigated.close qualifier. This round still hasn’t shown gameplayit’s also from another team. In my opinion, the EVOS Legends test was when the team was in-group stage. Because, later this white tiger team will meet several representatives from open, west and also eastsaid Om Wawa.

Indeed, there is still a long way to go for the EVOS Legends team. But by winning closed qualifier Mobile Legends President’s Cup Esports 2022, it will be even more exciting when the white tiger team will meet teams from various representatives qualifier.