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How to Write a Novel on Wattpad 2022

How to Make a Novel on Wattpad

How to write a novel on Wattpad which we will discuss in this article, for those of you who like to read novels and have the desire to make their own novels but are confused about how to publish.

You don’t have to worry anymore because now you no longer need to come to the printing press to offer your novel for publication, because you can publish your novel on Wattpad.

For those of you who don’t know what Wattpad means and how to write a novel on Wattpad, please read this article to the end.

1. How to Create a Novel on Wattpad

How to Make a Novel on Wattpad
How to Make a Novel on Wattpad

If the basic story of your novel has been compiled, then you can write it on Wattpad, to start pouring your work on this platform, you must first have an account.

For how to have an account, you can visit the Wattpad site and register via a Google or Facebook account.

If you already have an account, then please follow the steps below for how to create a novel on Wattpad, which are as follows:

  • The first step, please login to access Wattpad (Download the Wattpad App for PC).
  • Then on the main Wattpad page, please click “Create” in the menu at the top.
  • After that, please click the “Create a Story” option, then you will automatically be directed to the story or novel creation page.
  • Before you write the story of the novel, first please set the title, description, keywords, language used, copyright, cover or cover story.
  • If the settings have been completed, please write a novel story according to a predetermined framework.
  • Don’t forget to give a title and add pictures or videos if needed, you also have to pay attention to the number of words used.
  • One Wattpad article contains 750 to 800 words, please make a novel story by not being too short or too long, this aims to attract the interest of the readers.
  • After you finish writing the novel, then please publish it by pressing “Publish”.
  • So now you have succeeded in making a novel on Wattpad and can be read by readers.
  • In addition, writing stories on Wattpad requires author discipline, so you try to upload chapters regularly.
  • The best publishing period is three days to one week for each chapter, so that readers will continue to follow the development of your story.
  • Done.

What is Wattpad?

We have explained above about how to write a novel on Wattpad, but before that, did you all know what Wattpad means?

For those who don’t know it, don’t worry because we will explain what Wattpad means.

So, Wattpad is a kind of place to accommodate creative people, including those who like to write.

Whether it’s fiction, horror, or non-fiction stories, and so on, there is Wattpad that aims to help those who have the desire to make their own novels and publish them.

You can download this Wattpad application on Playstore or iTunes as one of the best Smartphone applications for fans of reading books.

And this media is very popular among novel lovers, Wattpad always brings out new novelists every day.

Launching its official website, Wattpad has a monthly readership of 90 million, many popular novels were originally written from Wattpad and some of them were even adapted to the big screen.

So it is not surprising that a reliable writer was born from this platform, for those of you who have a passion for writing stories or if you are interested in publishing your novel.

So you need information on how to write stories on Wattpad, we will provide tips for writing Novels on Wattpad for you, so that your writings are read by many people.

By using Wattpad, you can start your career as a professional novelist, your writings will be recommended by many people.

This will be a bridge to your success as a real novelist, so please try starting from Wattpad first.

However, for the first time you are immersed in the world of Wattpad, maybe not many of your writings will glance at it, and maybe no one will even read it.

But don’t be discouraged, because you’re just starting out and this is normal, so we’re going to tell you a few things to consider before writing a novel on Wattpad.

This aims to attract the attention of readers to read your novel, so that they will continue to open the continuation of the novel you made.

Things to Look For Before Writing Stories on Wattpad

Before you go through the process of how to make a novel on Wattpad or write a written work on Wattpad.

We recommend that you pay attention to some of the things that we will share below so that the stories that are made can attract readers, which are as follows.

a. Choose the genre of the story to write

First, please determine the type of genre to be written, because this will help you in deciding the characters and plot of the story to be built.

b. Write down the profile of each character told

The second thing that must be considered before doing how to make a novel on Wattpad is to describe the profile of each character in the novel that will be compiled.

This aims to make it easier for you to create strong and real characters, by writing a character profile can help you recognize the character to be built.

c. Determining the Basic Flow of the Story

If the character has been formed, after that you can determine the basic plot of the story to be built, this will make it easier for you to develop future scenarios.

d. Drafting Writing

The last thing you should pay attention to before doing how to make a novel on Wattpad is to make a writing design.

After you have determined the basic plot, then please make a story design by entering characters in the basic plot that is made.

e. Done

The final word

That’s the discussion about how to write a novel on Wattpad as well as tips or things you should pay attention to before writing a story on Wattpadd.

Please take advantage of the advantages you have, such as writing a novel by trying to share your work on Wattpad.

After the readers have read the contents of this article, and for those who wish to try to start writing novels on Wattpad, good luck and success, good luck.

Please share the information you get by sharing it on social media so that others also know the information that we describe in this article.