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How to Upgrade LinkAja Without Selfie 2022

Now users’ interest in using digital wallets is very high because it offers complete and superior features when compared to others.

The only feature offered or provided by LinkAja can be used to fulfill your financial transaction needs.

Starting from transfer activities, top up balances, online shopping, bill payments to others.

However, to take advantage of all these services, you need to upgrade first from basic service to full service.

For more detailed information about How to Upgrade LinkAja without taking selfiessee more in the discussion of the article below.

Requirements for How to Upgrade LinkAja Without Selfie Photos Full Service

How to Upgrade LinkAja Without Selfie
Requirements for How to Upgrade LinkAja Without Selfie Photos Full Service

As we know, to upgrade LinkAja without a full-service selfie, you will usually need an active E-KTP or Kitas from the user.

However, to make the process easier, when you don’t have an e-KTP, you don’t have to worry anymore about upgrading the LinkAja application to Full service.

Why is that? Because in this case without using an ID card, you can still do a full service upgrade by using the help of a SIM instead.

Only then can the process to upgrade the LinkAja application be carried out smoothly and easily.

How to Upgrade LinkAja Without Selfie Photos or Full Service KTP

How to Upgrade LinkAja Without Selfie
How to Upgrade LinkAja Without Selfie Photos or Full Service KTP

For those of you who have problems with ID cards, you don’t have to worry anymore when upgrading the LinkAja application.

Here are easy steps that you can follow to quickly upgrade LinkAja without taking selfies from basic service to full service, as follows:

Step 1: Open the LinkAja App

The first thing you have to do is download the LinkAja application first (if it’s not already available on your phone).

Download the LinkAja Play Store Application

If it is installed, please open the application so that it can be upgraded to Full Service.

Make sure you are connected to a good internet network so that it launches the process for upgrading.

The reason is, the LinkAja application is one of the digital wallet applications that must be fully supported by a stable internet network connection.

This is so that the process for carrying out activities with the application runs smoothly without any problems.

Step 2: Press “Start Register”

If you have opened the LinkAja application, there will be various information and you can slide it continuously to the left.

After that please press the start button on the page that is already available.

Before that, please enter the phone number that will be used for the LinkAja application later.

Make sure the registered cellphone number is still active until you receive a notification sent by the LinkAja application.

Step 3: Enter the Verification Code

The next way to upgrade LinkAja without selfie photos is to enter the verification code that has been sent to the phone number registered in the LinkAja application.

Wait a few moments until you receive the verification code or the code that goes to the registered number.

If the OTP code has been entered, return to the LinkAja application and enter the code correctly in the column provided.

The OTP code serves as a temporary password, so don’t share the code with anyone.

Step 4: Filling Data Create Account

The next step is to fill in complete personal data correctly, it takes starting from the full name according to the ID card and entering a valid email address.

Make sure all the data you have entered is correct and complete so that it is accepted by the system and processed.

After that, please click the continue button at the bottom to go to the next page.

Step 5: Creating LinkAja Application PIN

As a way to upgrade LinkAja without the next selfie, you have to create a LinkAja PIN code, this PIN code is 6 digits.

So, make sure you remember it if it is used to carry out financial transaction activities.

Step 6: Upgrade LinkAja to Full Service Without KTP Successfully

By doing some of the steps above, up to this stage the process has been successful to create a LinkAja account.

In the manufacturing process it does not require an ID card and after that you can use it for financial transaction activities.

Step 7: Selecting Account Menu

Continue by selecting the account menu in the lower right corner, through this menu you will be directed to the next option as the process for upgrading the LinkAja application.

Later you will see complete information on the application page, you can click the “Upgrade Now” button at the bottom.

Step 8: Press Take Photo and fill in Personal Data

The next way to upgrade LinkAja without selfie photos is that you have to click take a photo on that page, make sure the photo used is clear and the system can read it.

From the photo-taking stage, you will be directed to fill in your personal data according to your ID card.

The personal data requested by the system is starting from the e-KTP number, the name of the biological mother and the current work, then click the “Continue” button.

Step 9: Selfie and Done

The application system will ask you to take selfies, make sure your face photo is clearly visible on the camera and if it is done, press the send button.

Well, the way to update the LinkAja application has now been successfully carried out and it’s time for you to take advantage of the features in the application to carry out financial transaction activities.

The final word

That’s the discussion about how to upgrade LinkAja without taking selfies or KTP Full Service which you can do quickly and easily.

If in the process you are asked for an e-KTP and you don’t have it, you can replace it with a SIM.

Make sure to follow the steps that we have shared above so that the upgrade process is carried out successfully.

You can share this article with friends or relatives or also share it on social media so that other people can also find out the information. Thank you and hopefully useful.