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How to Update Apps on iPhone 2022

Apps on iPhone and iPad are updated frequently to get new features.

If you don’t want to update your iOS app, then you will soon be inundated with dozens of app updates available and waiting to be installed on your device.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to deal with the barrage of app updates that await as you can easily update all of your apps at once in the iOS App Store.

You need a stable and fast internet connection for this trick to work properly.

Otherwise, chances are you will have to wait a long time for all the apps to update the slower internet connection.

This ability to update all apps at once is available for all very modern or recent versions of iOS.

For more details about how to update apps on iPhonePlease read the discussion below until it’s finished!

1. How to Update Apps on iPhone Through iTunes

How to Update Apps on iPhone
How to Update Apps on iPhone Through iTunes

For how to update applications on the first iPhone that we share is through iTunes, the steps for updating applications on the iPhone are as follows:

  • Please turn on the iPhone you have.
  • Next connect the device to the computer via USB.
  • If you don’t have the iTunes application, you can download it first via the link or the link we provide below (Download the iTunes App Store App).
  • Once installed on your iPhone, launch iTunes (The iTunes program may run automatically when you connect the device, depending on your computer settings).
  • Then click the page selection menu that is between the navigation arrows and the iPhone icon, you can also use it to display various pages on iTunes.
  • After that press “Edit”.
  • Please check the box next to the “Apps” option.
  • Press “Done”, this button is located at the bottom of the menu and the application will then appear in the “Drop-Down” menu.
  • Then click “Apps”.
  • Sign in using your Apple ID, type in your account username and password and then click “Sign in”.
  • If you are already signed in to your Apple account on iTunes, you will not be asked to log in again.
  • Press “Updates” and all the apps that need to be updated will be displayed in a list.
  • The text “All apps are up to date” will appear in the middle of the page if there are no apps that need updating.
  • Continue to press “Update All Apps”, this option is in the lower right corner of the update page and a buzzer will sound when the app starts updating.
  • You can select an app and press the “Update” button next to the selected app if you only want to update certain apps.
  • Tap the “iPhone” icon on the right side of the page selection menu.
  • Tap “Sync” and your phone will immediately sync with your computer indicated by the progress bar at the top of the iTunes window.
  • Once that’s done, all the apps that were updated on iTunes will follow to be updated on the iPhone.


  • The App Store home page icon will show a notification bubble when an app update is available.

You can turn off the bubble by going to the “Settings > Notifications > App Store” menu, then toggling the switch next to “Badge App Icon” to the off position.

  • You can turn automatic updates on or off by accessing the “Settings > iTunes & App Store” menu and then sliding the switch next to the “Updates” option in the “Automatic Download” section to the on or off position.
  • If the app is stuck during the update process, then try logging out of your Apple ID and logging back into the App Store, if that doesn’t work, try using iTunes to sync the app.

2. How to Update Apps on iPhone and iPad

How to Update Apps on iPhone
How to Update Apps on iPhone and iPad

Until iOS 12, the App Store also had an “Updates” tab at the bottom, but starting with iOS 13 the “Arcade” tab replaced the “Updates” tab.

Even so, the steps to get the latest version of iPhone apps are still quick and easy, as we share here.

The steps for updating applications on iPhone and iPad that you can follow as a guide are as follows:

  • Open the App Store and tap on your profile picture from the top right.
  • Then pull down the account screen to refresh it.
  • Under available updates, please click “Update” next to the application.
  • You can also tap update all to update all apps at once.

If you don’t see any apps here, it means they are all up to date or maybe because an automatic update is handling this in the background.

Apps whose updates you have recently installed are listed under the “Recently Updated” heading.

Note: A quick way to access the updates section is to press the App Store icon on the main screen or Application Library and select update.

3. How to Update Apps on iPhone or Apple Watch

How to Update Apps on iPhone
How to Update Apps on iPhone or Apple Watch

Apps on your Apple Watch will update automatically, but if you turn this feature off or want to install an update now (before the Watch does it itself).

Then you can follow the steps on how to update applications on iPhone or Apple Match which we describe below, which are as follows:

  • Press the “Digital Crown” to see all your apps, there click the “App Store” icon.
  • Next to update the app on your Apple Watch is from below click “Update”.
  • Then press “Update” which is next to the name of the app.

Note: If you’ve installed the WatchOS version of the iPhone app, it’s automatically updated when you update the iOS app.

For example, if you update the Google Maps app on your iPhone, it means that the watch version is also updated without you having to do anything.

The final word

Well, that’s some how to update apps on iPhone which we can share and you can try to apply.

For those of you who have never done it at all and want to update now independently, you can use the above method as a guide according to the device you are using.

In order for the download process to be successful, make sure you follow the steps above properly without going through any of them.

You can also share this tutorial with friends or fellow iPhoen and Apple Watch users who don’t know how. Thank you and hopefully useful.