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How to Unlock iPhone IMEI Free 2022

How to Unlock iPhone IMEI for Free

How to unlock iPhone imei for free permanently it is very important for you to know, because this method is important for you to do when the iPhone is exposed to a sim lock that is blocked by the Ministry of Industry.

You can also use a trusted iPhone IMEI unlock service where you are, please note that most devices that experience a sudden loss of signal or network are iPhones.

Problems like this will certainly be very annoying for iPhone users, therefore users must know how to solve the problem.

Because many iPhone users complain about their locked cellphones, and so the way to unlock iPhone imei is increasingly sought after by iPhone users.

For more details, on this occasion we will share information about how to unlock iPhone IMEI for free so you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore, and see the following reviews.

How to Unlock iPhone IMEI for Free

How to Unlock iPhone IMEI for Free
How to Unlock iPhone IMEI for Free

The government’s policy to stop cellular phone services entering Indonesia and not entering the database through the IMEI registration process will be blocked.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if the cellphone signal suddenly disappears by blocking the IMEI, so when you experience problems such as losing cell phone signal on your smartphone, the main cause is generally a blocked IMEI.

However, not only IMEI blocking, there are various other reasons that result in sudden signal loss on iPhone devices.

Signal loss can also be due to damage to your smartphone, it can also be due to damage or problems with the hardware or software of the smartphone.

Therefore, before you use the free iPhone IMEI unlock service, it is very important that you check whether the IMEI is blocked or not first.

Causes of iPhone IMEI Blocked

How to Unlock iPhone IMEI for Free
Causes of iPhone IMEI Blocked

Please note, Kominfo not only presents regulations regarding blocking illegal cell phones, but Kominfo will also block lost iPhone phones according to the owner’s request.

The purpose of this blocking is to prevent misuse of the lost cellphone by irresponsible parties, with the IMEI blocking on this iPhone, the cellphone will not be able to be used by others.

Because, the iPhone device can’t connect to the internet and various other things, it can’t even make calls or it can be said that the cellphone is damaged.

This blocking will completely eliminate the network or signal on the smartphone, so the condition of this iPhone smartphone is like experiencing damage to the signal ic, then an iPhone that has been blocked by IMEI will be difficult to sell.

Actually, blocking IMEI on iPhones for user security, which has been implemented by several countries, while Indonesia has only ratified the regulation since 2022.

So before you use the service how to unlock this free iPhone IMEI, you must first make sure the IMEI of your iPhone device is blocked or not.

How to Check IMEI Blocked or Not

How to Unlock iPhone IMEI for Free
How to Check IMEI Blocked or Not

Well, before you unlock or unlock the iPhone IMEI, you must first check the IMEI of your device through the official website of the Ministry of Industry to find out.

If your iPhone is IMEI blocked because of the IOS 14.7 bug, then before unlocking the iPhone IMEI permanently, you can check in the following ways:

  • First, you need to activate the airplane for about 30 seconds on the smartphone.
  • Then the simcard can be removed and reinstalled as before.
  • After that, you can turn on the phone again or reset it to factory settings.
  • Then reset the network network with the most recent APN from your smartphone.

If you have done these various steps, but the results are still the same, it means that your device has been blocked by the IMEI from the Ministry of Industry, and you need to unlock the IMEI.

If you want to unlock IMEI iPhone permanently for free, then the thing you can do is to contact the cellular customer service provider.

Not only that, you also have to register your iPhone with Customs and the Ministry of Industry, after that you also have to pay taxes that have been set by the Ministry of Industry.

If you don’t want to bother, to permanently unlock iPhone IMEI, you can use a third-party unlock service that has collaborated with the management and government regarding iPhone IMEI.

So, to restore the iPhone so that it can be used again, you must be willing to take care of various things that must be done to be able to return your iPhone.

However, if you want to unlock it yourself, you must bring an official letter of loss from the police, because this is the main requirement for early unblocking the IMEI of your cellphone.

Then, later the cellular operator provider will have its own way to verify the IMEI of the iPhone, if you really are the real owner of the cellphone and not someone else’s.

By doing a free and permanent IMEI unlock method, your iPhone device will be able to use it again with a normal network without any problems.

The final word

That was how to unlock iPhone IMEI for free 2022 and permanently, then you can use the cellphone normally again without losing the signal suddenly like before.

IMEI is very important for iPhone users, because IMEI can be said to be the heart of all iPhone devices, when the Ministry of Industry blocks your iPhone IMEI automatically the smartphone cannot be used at all or it can be said that the smartphone is damaged.

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That’s all of our discussion in this article, about how to unlock IMEI on iPhone that you can use for personal purposes. Hopefully useful and good luck.