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How to Transfer Funds to Gopay Without Admin Fee 2022

Unlike OVO, which requires you to choose Bank Nobu, the transfer of DANA to Gopay also requires you to use a certain bank, the bank that will be used this time is Bank Permata or Permata Bank.

The account number is the company code from Gojek and is followed by the mobile number of the Gopay account that you will transfer.

To make it easier, please refer to a few steps how to transfer funds to Gopay without admin fees in the following explanation.

1. How to Transfer Funds to Gopay Easily

How to Transfer Funds to Gopay Without Admin Fee
How to Transfer Funds to Gopay Easily

As one of the providers of electronic money services, DANA continues to regulate itself by forming new innovations so that its users are more likely to make transactions through the DANA application.

The new innovation that is currently being tested by DANA is the Digital Balance feature where this feature allows users to easily top up ShopeePay balances and GoPay balances through this DANA application.

However, this one feature cannot be found in all accounts, but only confirmed accounts and Premium accounts can use this Digital Balance feature.

The trick is, on the start page of the DANA application, specify the menu to show All, then you click the search icon in the upper right corner of the monitor and write the keyword ‘digital balance’.

Now, to transfer funds to Gopay without admin fees, you can follow these steps:

  • Your first step is to open the DANA application and select the Send menu.
  • Then you select send to Bank Account.
  • In the name of the bank you can select Permata Bank, then on the account number enter code 898 and then the Gopay mobile number that you will fill in, for example, 898087753000919, for free aliases, just fill in according to your needs. After that, if you have filled everything in, select the Add New Bank button.
  • If you are unsure what account number you should fill in, then you can look at your Go-JEK application then select the Fill Balance menu-Select Instructions-ATM-Permata Bank, a virtual account number will appear, please copy the virtual account code and fill in the account number of the transfer destination in the DANA application.
  • Then you enter the amount of money that you will send to your GoPay balance (minimum 50,000) then you can select Continue.
  • If needed, you can also fill in information or notes, then select the Send Funds button.
  • Check again whether the destination GoPay account number and the nominal transfer you want to make are correct or not (on the verification page you can check the name of the Gopay account for the transfer destination).
  • If everything is correct select Verify.
  • Finally, enter the DANA PIN, a notification will appear that your transfer has been successful.
If the transfer of the DANA balance to Gopay that you have done is successful, there will immediately be a successful payment statement, as well as from the Go-JEK application there will be a notification “Topping up the balance by…via ATM Bersama PERMATA was successful”.

You also need to know that the terms and conditions are the same, which means that you can only transfer a minimum of 50,000 rupiah and the opportunity will be subject to transfer fees in the form of admin fees because in this DANA application you get a free bonus of about 10x transfer fees for DANA to bank accounts.

2. Transfer Funds to Gopay via the Digital Balance Feature

How to Transfer Funds to Gopay Without Admin Fee
Transfer Funds to Gopay Through the Digital Balance Feature

You can also use the DANA transfer method to Gopay without admin fees through the Digital Balance feature.

You can click Try Now and you will be directed to the GoPay balance top up page, you just need to enter the nominal amount of money you want to move, Click Continue and suggest a PIN DANA. Done.

For the first method, if the nominal amount of money you transfer is above IDR 50,000, then you will not be charged an admin fee, but for this second method, any nominal amount of money that you will transfer will be charged a fee of IDR 999.

Some of the methods that we have tried and succeeded, one of which is the transfer of FUNDS to ShopeePay and OVO, but for LinkAja until now it can’t be because LinkAja can only top up or receive balance transfers from both bank accounts or users.

And vice versa, from GoPay to DANA is it possible?

It looks like you can, namely through the Take menu, then for your bank you can use BANK CIMB NIAGA, then for your account number you can use the DANA company code, which is 8059 followed by the cellphone number on your DANA account.

But because the process of transferring or taking GoPay cash to a bank account is not easy because it can take up to 2×24 working hours, so I haven’t tried it directly.

The final word

That’s how to transfer funds to Gopay without admin fees which we can share with you.

You can follow the steps that we have shared above correctly so that the transfer you make from DANA to Gopay is successful.

Continue to follow our website to find out other important and useful information for you.

That’s all our discussion in this article, hopefully it can help you in making transfers from DANA to Gopay. Thank you and good luck.