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How to Tag on WA 2022

How to Tag on WA

How to tag on WA usually done by other group members who want to ask questions or statements to you directly.

This tag or Mantion does not only exist on Instagram, but also on Instagram WhatsApp You can also find it because it is one of its features.

That way you can tag the name of the person you mean in a chat on the WhatsApp messaging application.

Octoberbe some of you already know that this Tag or Mantion is to tag friends or other people.

With this tag, someone can easily ask the person who is being tagged directly.

Not only that, this WhatsApp feature can only be found in WhatsApp group chats and you cannot use it on WA status or other private messages.

If you want to apply this tag function on WhatsApp, you can try Tag yourself or all group members at once.

Then what if how to tag on WA or WhatsApp is not working? More or less the method is similar to how to Tag on IG by adding (@) in front of the contact name. Read more below.

How to Tag on WA or WhatsApp

How to Tag on WA
How to Tag on WA or WhatsApp

If you are in the same group as someone, you can mention them in the message by typing the (@) button and selecting the contact name from the list.

When you mention someone, that user can see a notification with an “@” symbol in their chat list next to any unread chats or messages.

Note that mentioning someone in a group will cancel the mute setting the contact has set for that group.

Unless he has also muted you in individual chats.

For more details, you can listen to several stages of how to tag on WA or WhatsApp below, which are as follows:

  • First, make sure you are in a group on WhatsApp.
  • Then just type the @ button and wait a while until a list of WhatsApp contact names of people connected in the WA group appears.
  • Some of the people’s numbers that you saved from group members will also appear, to mark or tag their WA numbers, just search for and select the WA contact in question.
  • When you have selected one of the WA contacts, it will be written in the WA message contact and the writing will be blue.
  • The writing almost looks like when you share the link on WhatsApp.
  • After that you can directly send it as a WhatsApp message.
  • If someone else clicks on the WhatsApp group, it will immediately go to the contact’s WA profile.
  • Done! Good luck.

That’s how to tag people on WhatsApp that you don’t need to worry about anymore because you only need to use the @ symbol to do it.

About the “Mention” Friends Feature on WhatsApp

How to Tag on WA
About the “Mention” Friends Feature on WhatsApp

Long awaited, WhatsApp has finally released the Mention feature for group conversations, this feature is available on WhatsApp version 2.16,272 for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp users on iOS and Android who have updated this application can try out the feature starting today.

Even so, apparently there are still many WhatsApp users who have not been able to use this mention feature.

How to tag in WA with this feature can be done very easily, just by affixing or pressing the character or symbol (@) without brackets.

After pressing the symbol in the conversation column, a row of names of contacts in the group will appear.

Users can write the desired contact name or choose one from the contact list that is displayed by WA.

Please note, for personal conversations this feature is not yet available because it is already a direct conversation.

The hashtag feature is also not yet available in the WhatsApp web version.

By using this feature, users can be more alert when tagged in a group conversation.

Why is that? Because even though the group is already in Mute or silent mode, the notification sound will still appear.

The presence of the Hastag feature in the WA conversation group had previously been leaked since October 2022 when it was still under development by WhatsApp.

This can happen because it is not known whether the contact name will appear in Autocomplete from the list of group names, so users must enter it manually.

In addition to the Mention feature, WhatsApp has also released a Video Call (VC) phone call feature as a step to compete with Google, which has released Duo first.

The final word

Well, something like that how to tag on WA or WhatsApp which you can try to practice if you don’t know method do it.

If you want to tag or mention your fellow group members, you can follow the steps above as a guide.

With the rapid development of technology, tutorials like this can be found on the internet.

Only with an internet quota or a stable WiFi network, WA users can send messages, poke friends, video calls, Voice Notes and others very easily.

For those of you who are new users of the WhatsApp application, you can read this article from start to finish to find out about the features embedded in WhatsApp.

Hopefully with the information we share can help you to tag friends in the group.

If you want to tag someone at once you can write the @ symbol and select the contact you want to tag, and so on. Thank you and hopefully useful.