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How to Suck Order Shopee Food 2022

How to Suck Shopee Food Orders

How to Suck Shopee Food Orders Of course, this is a big hope for most of Shopee Food Indonesia’s driver partners, with increasing orders, there is no doubt that income will also increase.

The amount of income that you will earn as a Shopee Food driver center driver can be influenced by several factors, apart from the driver’s diligence and tenacity when looking for orders, it turns out that the HP settings of the Shopee Food driver can have a major impact on the breakdown of orders.

But apparently this is not widely known by driver partners, so it’s too much to leave the HP driver settings in place.

Even though one way to increase income is at least by deactivating HP Shopee Food.

We hope that all shopee food partners get the most income, bonuses, and incentives, therefore it is enough to become a Shopee Food driver partner to be able to continue to meet your financial needs.

So what is the correct and correct HP Shopee Food setting as? how to suck shopee food orders You can see in our explanation below.

1. How to Set HP Shopee Food Driver APK So Gacor

How to Suck Shopee Food Orders
How to Set HP Shopee Food Driver APK So Gacor

You need to do at least a few things to start configuring HP Shopee Food to stop working.

You can do the following things to make your Shopee Food order suck.

A. Enable Autostart Permission

The first thing you need to do as a Shopee Food driver partner to make ordering even more annoying is to set the auto-start permission in the Shopee Food settings menu.

This you must do to ensure that the Shopee Food Driver APK application runs automatically in the background every time you reboot your phone, or every time you turn off your phone and turn it back on without having to manually open it first.

B. Enable Auto Receive Function

The first thing you have to do is activate the auto-receive feature first by activating the feature.

Therefore every time an order arrives the system will automatically accept the order immediately and the driver must execute the order until it is finished.

C. Start Work Early Regularly

Activate your Shopee Food driver account early every day to ensure all orders are sent directly to your account, especially during breakfast.

Surely there will be many orders at your Shopee Food, this is available here by placing the most orders at that location.

D. Continue Evaluation

One of the requirements to quickly enter your account is to have a good rating, so you must maintain the rating you have earned so that your account has a good reputation, besides that it is one of the requirements if you want to get a Shopee Food driver bonus.

E. Enable Driver Application Permission

You prepare the HP Shopee Food driver apk gacor as follows to set application permissions, there are several things you need to give permission, such as camera, location, storage, and cellphone.

Make sure you’ve allowed all of them so that one permission hasn’t been “denied”, that’s why we recommend that you review the details one by one in the Application License Settings section of each phone.

F. Enable other Permissions

Then there are additional settings regarding activation of other permissions, to make your incoming order even more annoying, it is very important that the shopee food partner activates and grants permission to all settings in the driver application.

There are several things that you need to activate, which are as follows:

  • Change the WiFi connection.
  • Your home screen shortcut.
  • Display on your lock screen.
  • Show in the pop-up window when the Shopee Food app is running in the background.
  • A pop-up window will appear.
  • Permanent notification.
After you adjust and activate all the settings make sure all the colors have turned green, red is not there because it means it still requires permission or has not been activated.

G. Accept All Incoming Orders

The last way is not to choose too many orders that enter your account because the biggest mistake of the shopee food driver and the main cause of silent orders is that most of them choose orders and that is something that has an impact on your shopee account algorithm.

Imagine if you are not too picky about incoming orders, you only need to calculate your earnings for the day and the account performance will be even higher.

H. Activate Shopee Food Apk Notifications

Octoberbe many Shopee Food drivers have experienced when an order comes in but don’t know that there is an order coming in.

This may be caused because you did not make any settings in your Shopee Food notification section, by default you do not activate the notification section.

Therefore Shopee Food drivers must activate it and activate notifications.

That way, every time an order comes in, it will be displayed on the main screen, so you can immediately do a Shopee Food Order.

I. Add Notification Sound (FoodyNotify)

The more annoying HP Shopee Food setting is making sure your application has a beeping sound.

Many partners may not know that they have an order coming in because they don’t hear the notification sound even though they have the notification setting turned on.

To do this you simply go to Notification Settings and you select Foody Notify, on this page, make sure the Importance section is set to high, and if it’s the notification sound option, it’s in the sound section so you can customize it to your liking.

J. Set Data Usage Restrictions Section

In addition to the settings above, there are other HP Shopee Food settings such as other gacor, it’s in the data usage section.

All you need to configure in this section is to enable all your Internet network access options.

Whether it’s using cellular data or Wi-Fi, you must do this so that when you use WiFi and suddenly lose WiFi access, your application will automatically use cellular data to run the ShopeeFood driver application.

K. Set Battery Limit

How to set HP Shopee Food so that the last gacor you can do is to make sure the battery limit setting is set to unlimited. This feature keeps your Shopee Food driver apk system running smoothly, even when your cellphone battery is low.

The final word

That’s how to suck shopee food orders that we share for you so you can receive orders quickly.

You can follow the steps from the HP Shopee Food settings that we have shared above to make your account busy with orders.

Make sure that you have done all the settings that we have shared above correctly and correctly.

That’s all our discussion in this article by following the steps that we share, hopefully it can make your order more crowded. Thank you and hopefully useful.

Dody S.

Technology practitioner, editor and journalist at 1001Media.