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How to Stop AIA BCA 2022 Insurance

How to Stop AIA BCA Insurance

How to stop AIA BCA insurance it is very easy to do, although it is useful but sometimes there is a condition where the customer has to quit insurance.

For those of you who are AIA insurance customers, this information is very important to know if you want to stop the AIA BCA insurance.

For this reason, this time we will share how to stop AIA BCA insurance and just take a look at the following reviews.

1. Terms, Conditions and Preparation for Closing AIA BCA Insurance Policy

How to Stop AIA BCA Insurance
Terms, Conditions and Preparation for Closing AIA BCA Insurance Policy

Well, if you are a good customer of AIA BCA insurance, you are determined to close your insurance policy, you must follow and carry out the procedures according to the requirements.

Recommended terms and preparations, if you prefer to cancel through the direct assistance of AIA BCA insurance employees.

You may be asked to fill out a cancellation request form, before doing how to stop AIA BCA insurance.

There are several data and files that need to be prepared, namely as follows:

  • Policy number.
  • Policyholder’s name.
  • Citizenship.
  • Attach a photocopy of the identity of the holder of the policy (KTP/SIM/Passport) which is still valid for Indonesian Citizens (WNI).
  • Attach a photocopy of your passport and KIMS/KITAS/KITAP along with filling out the form for Foreign Citizens (WNA).
  • Reason for policy cancellation.
  • Fill in the account data for premium refund (name of bank, account number and name of account holder).

Not only that, the terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Cancellation or policy redemption transactions can only be processed if the form or file has been filled out correctly and completely.
  • Especially for unit link products to all of the above equipment, they will be received by the head office of the insurer or management until 13.00 WIB. The unit value will be obtained on the next working day from the date of receipt of the file.
  • Policies that have been canceled or redeemed are not allowed for policy recovery.
  • Administrative costs are borne by the policyholder.
  • The administrative costs of SPAJ cancellations are borne by the policyholder in accordance with applicable regulations.

Not only that, there are several related documents that need to be prepared, which are as follows:

  • Real police.
  • Letter of loss from the police signed by the policyholder (required if the policy is lost), if the letter of loss from the police is not signed by the policyholder, it is required to attach a statement of loss signed by the policyholder on stamp duty.
  • Photocopy of the holder’s identity from a valid policy (KTP/SIM/Passport).
  • A stamped difference signature form signed by the policyholder (if there is a difference in signature).

2. Causes of Customers to Stop Insurance

How to Stop AIA BCA Insurance
Causes of Customers to Stop Insurance

There is nothing wrong if you as a customer have to terminate the insurance policy, because that decision will certainly be taken because you have your own reasons.

Make sure that you have considered the termination of the insurance properly considering that insurance is an important protection that is really needed.

If you are wondering, what are the causes of insurance customers in the end and close the policy (surrender)? Octoberbe the following will explain it.

There are several reasons why customers stop insurance, which are as follows:

  • Incomplete features: After being an insurance customer for a while, you may realize that there is a form of protection you want but it is not in your policy. For example, you hope to get a sum insured of Rp. 2 billion, but unfortunately the current product only provides coverage of up to Rp. 1 billion.
  • Other insurance products are more promising: Octoberbe you see other products with better offers, for example, the benefits obtained are much more diverse and often provide promos or discounts.
  • Combined benefits are not optimal: There are some policies purchased may not provide optimal benefits, so you prefer to close them and look at other insurance products.
  • Changing nationality: There are several insurance products that sometimes only have coverage for domestic purposes, if you have to move to another country and the destination country is not included in the coverage of the insurance company, you will have to cover insurance.
  • Financial conditions: Limited costs will make customers no longer able to pay premiums, for example, in the current pandemic situation.
  • If you already know the reason why customers stop AIA BCA insurance, then we will discuss how to stop AIA BCA insurance below.

3. How to Stop AIA BCA Insurance

How to Stop AIA BCA Insurance
How to Stop AIA BCA Insurance

Usually this method can be done by contacting the agent or insurance broker where you bought insurance, conveying the intent and clarity of why you want to close the policy.

You also need to complete the policy closing form and a statement letter, please attach a valid ID card.

If you have finished returning the policy and insurance card to the insurance company, simply calculate your premium return and it will be processed immediately, especially if there is a total investment value.

How to stop AIA BCA insurance is as follows:

  • If your AIA insurance is directly connected to BCA Bank, please contact BCA Bank first to terminate the insurance. The bank should be forwarding you to the insurance company.
  • If your request for termination of insurance has been forwarded, you can ask AIA to apply for cancellation of insurance. Then the AIA insurance will provide a form for you to fill out which will be discussed in the next point.
  • Although sometimes doing the previous steps will actually waste your time and energy and become convoluted. If that’s the case, you can immediately empty the auto-debit balance of the account that is usually used to pay monthly insurance premiums. So that later the insurance company will contact you and ask for the continuation of insurance payments, from here you can convey that you want to stop or close the insurance policy.
  • If you have emptied the account, you can also close the account. If you want to register a new account, you can ask BCA Bank whether the account will work with AIA insurance? You can say that you don’t want to join again.

The final word

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to stop AIA BCA insurance which we have conveyed above to be used and applied.

However, before making your termination, prepare the terms and conditions, then you can apply for AIA BCA insurance termination.

Hopefully with this information it will be easier for you to terminate your AIA BCA insurance.