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How to Sound of Text 2022

How to Sound of Text

How to sound of text this is to make ringtone WhatsApp other than usual, yup, WA notifications which are usually boring and watching.

Luckily you can use notifications that come from words made by yourself, these words can later be used as audio in MP3 format.

Next, the audio with the MP3 format can be used as a ringtone for WhatsApp notifications, so how do you do that? how to sound of text? Therefore, just look at it directly as follows.

1. Text to Speech Features

How to Sound of Text
Text to Speech Features

Although this feature is not only made for making ringtones on WhatsApp, this feature has been used in other fields, for example, to narrate a video.

By using this feature, it will be easier for video makers to narrate the videos they create, if you scroll through TikTok often, of course, you will often see the application.

The Text to Speech feature, most TikTok videos use this feature to narrate the information in the video.

If you use the Sound of Text method, then the video maker no longer needs to manually narrate with his own voice.

Instead, simply write the desired video narration, then convert the text into sound with the next MP3 format, just insert the audio into the video.

But just make sure to adjust the audio to the video, so that it fits between the narration and the scene in the video.

2. How to Sound of Text

How to Sound of Text
How to Sound of Text

First there is Sound of Text, this site will later help him convert text into sound easily, later this text that has become audio can be used as WA ringtones and others.

So, how to use Sound of Text? Of course it is very easy, because this site will not confuse visitors because it is very simple and easy if you have never been.

How to Sound of Text is as follows:

  • First, open the browser, you can also use Google Chrome, Opera Mini and so on.
  • If so, please visit Sound of Text via the following link (
  • After the site is open, just enter the desired text into the text field.
  • When it’s just select the language you want to use in the Voice column.
  • Then click Submit and wait for the text to be converted to sound.
  • At the last stage, please click Play to play the finished audio or click Download to be able to download it.

3. How to Voice of Text

How to Sound of Text
How to Voice of Text

Not only the Sound of Text method, you can also make Sound of Text on the Voice of Text site because the site is no less different than Sound of Text.

Which is also useful for converting text into sound so you can use it as a WhatsApp ringtone, interestingly from the site, is its ability to change words.

Go to Javanese or Sundanese, while on the Sound of Text site there are no two language options for more details, see below.

The Voice of Text method is as follows:

  • First of all, open the browser on your cellphone or PC.
  • If so, please visit via the following link (
  • Then you enter the text that you want to use as a WhatsApp ringtone in the column provided.
  • Then you just choose the type of voice you want, whether in Javanese, Sundanese, Indonesian, English and so on.
  • After that, just click Convert to Voice to be able to convert the text into voice.
  • At this stage then click Download to download the finished sound.

4. How to Install Ringtones from Sound of Text WA

How to Sound of Text
How to Install Ringtones from Sound of Text WA

If you already know how to turn Sound of Text into sound and download the finished audio, now all you have to do is make the audio as a WhatsApp ringtone.

Then how? It’s very easy, just like when you want to change the WhatsApp ringtone with a song from your device storage.

However, for those of you who have never done anything like this, it will certainly be very difficult for that, just see below.

How to install a ringtone from Sound of Text WA is as follows:

  • The first thing to do is open his WhatsApp.
  • If you have clicked the three dots and open settings.
  • Then proceed by opening the Notification menu and selecting the Notification Tone option.
  • Then you replace it with the WhatsApp Sound of Text that was previously created.
  • After that, now WhatsApp notifications have changed with Sound of Text.

Additional information, remember that making Sound of Text above will require an internet connection so you have to make sure you have a smooth internet connection.

In order to be able to convert text to voice, not only that, a smooth connection will also be needed when you want to download ready-made audio.

What is Sound of Text WA?

Along with the times like today, there have been emerging various interesting features and innovations, including one of them, Sound of Text WA.

Initially, this trend was very popular on TikTok, so it invited a lot of public interest to join in using it, so the meaning of the term is text that is made into sound.

The text used can come from any language starting from Javanese, Indonesian, English and so on, users can also choose the type of sound according to taste.

That’s why it’s unique and different from the others, even though it’s quite popular, but there are still many who don’t know how to Sound of Text WA Indonesian on WhatsApp.

Only with the Text to Speech feature, everyone can make text into sound, so it can be used as WhatsApp ringtones and the like.

Indeed, this feature can be applied to other services, but the most, of course, on WhatsApp you may have heard of this kind of ringtone.

Which are usually in the form of words which can be customized and spoken by a man or a woman.

When did the WA Sound of Text Trend Start?

Actually, when did this trend start? When it comes to text that is turned into sound and then a WhatsApp ringtone is made, make sure someone has done it a long time ago.

However, when it comes to current trends, it has something to do with TikTok, meaning that there are many short videos on TikTok that use the Text to Speech feature.

It does seem unique and different from the others, so many people make the same concept and in the end apply it on WhatsApp as well.

Since the viral trend, there are many creative WhatsApp users who also use the Text to Speech feature, so don’t be surprised at this time there are many sites popping up.

Which makes text into sound in multiple and varied languages, if you haven’t done so already method Sound of Text and now want to do it.

So there are many Sound of Text WA sites that can be used, so it’s not like it used to be, which is still rare when the trend of text being made into sound is not as busy as it is today.

The final word

That’s the whole content of our article this time about How to Sound of Text which we have conveyed above to be used and applied.

This Sound of Text can be used as a ringtone on your WhatsApp and it will be something different than usual so don’t watch like before.

What are you waiting for so you are not curious, immediately use the method above because trends like this have been widely used, you know.