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How to Setup Telkom 3S 2022 Satellite

How to Setup Telkom 3s Satellite
How to set up Telkom 3S satellite become Telkom 1 satellite which is currently experiencing anomaly disturbances, so many are looking for ways to set up the Telkom satellite.

According to information currently circulating, the disturbance to Telkom’s satellite is caused by a malfunctioning battery or running out of fuel.

Therefore, the Telkom satellite is out of its proper orbit, resulting in the disturbance.

From a technical point of view, this Telkom 1 satellite is actually no longer usable, so somehow it must be immediately transferred to the Telkom 3 satellite.

The exit of the Telkom satellite from the predetermined orbit will have an impact on channel diversion from the Palapa satellite to another satellite.

Because of this, the channel on the Telkom 1 satellite lost the signal (it couldn’t broadcast at all).

Therefore, to overcome this interference, you must reset the Telkom 3S satellite.

If you are confused or don’t know about how to do the settings on the Telkom satellite, then you can refer to the explanation how to set up Telkom 3S satellite which we will share below.

How to Setup Telkom 3S Satellite

How to Setup Telkom 3S Satellite
How to Setup Telkom 3S Satellite

In finding several TV channels such as, TRANS TV, TRANS7 and other TV channels, you need to know that the orbits of the telkom 1 satellite and the telkom 3 satellite are different.

For telkom 1 satellite it is at 108°E (BT) while for telkom 3 it is at 118°E (BT).

Well, the difference in the orbit of the Telkom satellite will have an impact on the shift in the location of the satellite dish that you use when setting up later.

As for how to set up the Telkom 3S satellite, it’s actually very easy to do, if you don’t know it, then you can follow the tutorial on setting up the Telkom 3S satellite below:

  • The first step you can change the name of the satellite in the receiver settings first, which was originally the name of the satellite TELKOM 1 to TELKOM 3S.
  • After changing the name of the satellite, you can leave the transfonder list in it (don’t delete it) and you can change the LNB port switch on the satellite receiver.
  • If you use the DiseCq 2×1 switch and the initial settings you use for palapa D on port 1, then you can immediately change it to port 2 position and change the name of the satellite to TELKOM S3.
  • However, if you use the 22k On/O switch and the initial setting you use for Palapa D is in the 22K On position, then you can immediately change it to 22K On for the TELKOM 3S satellite.
  • If the position is initially focused on the Palapa D satellite, by changing the port on the satellite, the position on the satellite will automatically focus on TELKOM 3S.
  • That way, you don’t need to change the distance of the 2 LNBs because there is no significant difference between the two Telkom satellites.
  • The next setting step is to track the strongest channel on the Telkom satellite you are using.
  • You can raise the support pole on the satellite dish with a slope of 2cm to the east.
  • If you want to focus it on the Palapa D satellite, then you can move the focus pole (3 pieces of LNB bracket support poles) until it really focuses on the TELKOM 3S satellite as a to set.

Some Things That Can Cause Parabolic Signals to Disappear

For satellite dish users, they must often experience problems such as the loss of the satellite dish, thus making all the channels on your TV automatically disappear.

Apart from the displacement of the satellite, this can also happen due to several things that cause the signal of a channel to suddenly disappear by itself.

The following are some of the factors that can cause the parapattern signal you are using to disappear automatically:

  • First, the condition of the weather in your location is always changing, such as cloudy and heavy rain.
  • Second, it could also be because the LNB cable on the satellite dish is loose or damaged/sort of like that, but if everything is normal, then maybe it happened from the satellite provider.
  • Third, this can also happen due to a shift or change in the dish that occurs on the satellite, the change in the dish can actually be overcome by re-tracking and searching for signals from the beginning again.
  • Fourth, this can also happen due to damage from one of the devices in the satellite dish that you are using.
  • And the last one can also happen because the satellite is experiencing a change in frequency.

The TV channels that were lost as a result of the satellite move made many television users complain because they couldn’t watch their favorite channels.

However, by moving the Palapa D satellite to the Telkom satellite using the Telkom 3S satellite setting method, it can be a solution to the problem you are experiencing.

The final word

That’s all our discussion in this article about How to Setup Telkom 3S Satellite. Hopefully useful and good luck.

If you experience problems such as interference or loss of signal from the satellite dish that you are using, then you can solve the problem by following the telkom 3S satellite settings tutorial that we have shared above.

Before you apply the method of setting up the Telkom satellite that we share, it would be better if you check the source of the problem first so that you can solve the problem correctly and quickly.