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How to Set Wifi Repeater Via HP 2022

How to Setting Wifi Repeater Via HP

This Wifi Repeater actually has a function to strengthen and expand the network coverage on the wireless Wifi that you are using.

So you could say that you will not be able to access the internet network if you only use a Repeater, because to access the internet network you also need a router that will transmit the internet connection.

By using a repeater, of course, it will really help you to strengthen the coverage of the internet network on the Wifi you are using, because as you already know that the network beam from the Wifi router is not all the same and stable.

In general, the emission from the internet network from the Wifi used ranges from 30 to 50 meters from the Wifi router.

However, according to some experience, the signal emission from the Wifi will decrease over time.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss how to set a Wifi repeater with the aim that you can expand the internet network on the Wifi you are using.

So that by using the Wifi repeater you can still use internet access from the Wifi even though it is within the maximum range of the Wifi network.

If you are still having trouble or are confused with how to set wifi repeater via cellphone then you can see the tutorial that we will share below.

How to set up a wifi repeater via cellphone without an application

How to Setting Wifi Repeater Via HP
How to set up a wifi repeater via cellphone without an application
The following is a tutorial on how to set up a Wifi repeater via an Android phone without an application that you can follow as follows:

  • The first step you have to do is turn on the TP-link repeater that you use first.
  • Then you can connect the android phone that you are using to the Wifi signal repeater, usually there will be a Wifi signal with the SSID that matches the name of the TP-Link you are using.
  • Then you can fill in the Password to connect the cellphone to the TP-Link repeater, to find out the password for the TP-Link repeater you can see it on the back of the TP-Link repeater device that you are using.
  • After the cellphone you are using is connected to the TP-Link repeater, there will usually be a notification that if you click it, you will be directed to the repeater login page.
  • If it’s not there, then you can access it manually through the browser application on your cellphone by accessing the usual address at 168.0.1
  • Once inside the repeater login page, there you will be directed to fill in a new password.
  • Then you immediately fill in the data that is needed, then click Lest Get Start, but there are also some who no longer need to set a password.
  • Then you just log in with username: admin and by using password: admin.
  • Then you just have to set the time zone, you can adjust your location, for example, select Jakarta and then Next.
  • If there is no timezone setting then you can just skip it because there are some models that don’t need to set the timezone.
  • Next you can go directly to the settings menu in the wireless section then select LAN and IP settings on the repeater which was originally from to for example.
  • You can do this to avoid the problem of IP address collisions later, then Save and wait a moment because the repeater will be restarted.
  • After that, you can enter the Operation Mode section, then select Range Extender because you will make the TP-link a Repeater then Save and wait a while because the TP-Link will automatically reboot.
  • You can enter the Quick Setup menu and click Next in this step, then TP-link will scan affordable Wifi, you have to make sure the Wifi to be used is connected to the internet.
  • Then do the IP TP-link settings so that they don’t conflict with the IP of the router you are using, by going to the Network DHCP section, then changing it to Static.
  • You can only change the back so that it is not the same as the IP address of the Router that will be taken from the internet source, then return to the AP list then click Connect and you can enter the WIFI Password of the Router.
  • In the Wifi Range Extender section you can replace it with a name that suits you because this SSID will appear on the user’s device later, then you just click Next.
  • Then change the Smart DHCP section to Static IP, then disable the DHCP server and click Next.
  • Done, that way you have finished setting up the TP-link Wifi repeater using your android phone.

Why Wifi Repeater Often Can’t Connect?

A classic question that is often asked but interesting to answer, there are several factors and causes why the Wifi repeater can’t connect or there are other cases that make the Wifi unable to access the internet.

But actually the cause that often occurs in this case is usually an error in setting the repeater itself and the second thing that can cause this is usually a troble in the IP address section.

Problems that often occur due to IP addresses are caused by IP collisions that will be emitted by the repeater and IP repeater to access the TP-Link Repeater that you are using.

So, to overcome this, make sure you have set and distinguished the IP repeater first.

However, for problems with the Wifi Repeater that cannot be connected, it is usually because you entered the wrong password for the Wifi that will expand the network, so that the Wifi repeater cannot be connected.

How to Change TP-Link WiFi Repeater Password via Android Phone

In addition to connection problems, many also ask about how to change the password of the Wifi repeater.

To change the password on the Wifi repeater, then you can follow the steps that we have shared below:

  • The first step, you can open the Chrome browser application on your cellphone.
  • Then login to TP-Link by accessing the following address, or according to the IP address that has been previously determined.
  • Then you can go to the Wireless section, then select the “Wireless Settings” menu, and select Setting Password.
  • After that you can change the password with the new password you want and click Save.
  • Done.

The final word

That’s all our discussion in this article about How to Setting Wifi Repeater Via HP. Hopefully useful and good luck.

By following the steps on how to set up a TP-link Wifi repeater via an Android phone that we have shared above, then you will have no more trouble overcoming this.

Before you practice the tutorial above, then you must already know the password of the Wifi that you will expand the network to.

If it’s the Wifi that you want to expand the network, then you have to ask permission from the owner of the Wifi so that new problems don’t arise.

Dody S.

Technology practitioner, editor and journalist at 1001Media.