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How to Set the Universal AC Remote 2022

How to Set Universal AC Remote

How to set universal AC remote What we will share on this occasion will be a useful reference for those of you who use AC at home.

This Universal AC Remote is arguably already quite popular today among people who use AC in their homes.

The practicality of using this Universal AC remote makes AC Home users prefer to use the AC remote.

This Universal or multi-function AC Remote can make it easier for you to operate the AC according to the temperature you want, the speed of the blower and also the use of the AC swing.

However, to use this Universal AC remote you cannot use the Universal or Multi remote directly, but you must first set the AC remote before use.

Setting the Universal AC remote is actually very easy to do, but for those of you who are new to using this Universal AC remote and still don’t know how to set the AC remote.

Therefore, you can read the contents of this article to the end because we will share how to set universal AC remote which you can follow.

How to Set Universal AC Remote

How to Set Universal AC Remote
How to Set Universal AC Remote

The most important part in setting or setting up the universal AC remote is the list of codes from the AC that you are using you must know so that you can quickly connect the Universal remote with the type of home AC you are using.

This universal AC remote (replacement remote) is generally able to perform all the functions that can be carried out such as the original or original remote owned by the AC.

Like the functions on the original AC remote, this Universal AC remote can also perform various basic functions such as turning on and off (on/off), adjusting the blower speed, changing the swing direction, adjusting the temperature, and also turning on the timer on the air conditioner.

Even now there are several universal AC remotes that support inverter AC which has been equipped with various advanced features of the AC.

This universal AC remote can be an option for you to use if your original AC remote is lost or damaged.

As we explained above, you can use this universal AC remote on various types of air conditioners that you use at home.

Because to use this universal AC remote, you only need to know the code from the AC brand you are using.

If you are still confused about how to use this universal AC remote, then you can refer to the tutorial on how to set the universal AC remote which we will share below:

  • The first step you have to do in setting up this universal AC remote is to make sure you know the code for the AC brand you are using.
  • Then you can start by clicking the “On” button to turn on the AC you are using.
  • Then you can long press the “Set” button on the remote for about 3 seconds or until the digits in the lower right corner of the remote display flash.
  • Next you can click on the TEMP button to increase or decrease the number according to the list of codes owned by the AC you are using or according to the brand of the AC.
  • You can see the code for the AC brand you are using in the list of AC codes that we have shared below.
  • After you enter the digits corresponding to the AC brand code on the display, the AC will react by emitting a sound indicating that the universal remote you are using is connected to the AC you have.
  • After that, all you have to do is click on the “OK” button on the universal remote.

That way, you have successfully set up the universal AC remote and you can directly use it to control the use of the AC in your home.

AC Brand Code List

After you finish listening to the tutorial on how to set the universal AC remote that we have shared above, here is a list of AC brand codes that you can use to associate the universal remote with the AC you are using:

  • ELECTROLUX : 471-474
  • FUJITSU : 700-719 , 017
  • GOLDSTARS : 303
  • NIKKO : 810-811
  • SAMSUNG : 610-629
  • SANYO : 500-550 , 860 , 943 , 946
  • SHARP : 720-739
  • SHINCO : 200-209
  • TCL : 120-133
  • TECO : 831-834
  • TOSHIBA : 630-639
  • TRANE : 812-816
  • YORK : 775-779
  • GENERAL: 659 , 717 , 718 , 719
  • GREE : 000 , 020-039
  • HAIER : 001-019
  • HITACHI : 640-659
  • HUAWEI : 281
  • AKIRA : 796-797
  • AUX : 180-199
  • CHANGHONG : 059 , 079 , 934 , 947
  • CORONA : 760-769
  • DAEWOO : 332-333
  • DAIKIN : 740-759
  • ELCO : 982
  • HYUNDAI : 780-789
  • LG : 600-609
  • MCQUAY : 790-795
  • MIDEA : 040-058
  • MITSUBISHI : 551-599
  • PANASONIC / NATIONAL : 660-689
After you know how to set the universal AC remote, there are things you also need to know if you use AC as air conditioning in your home, namely how to take care of the AC.

As an AC user, then you need to take care of the AC so that the AC you are using is not damaged quickly.

Actually caring for the air conditioner is very easy to do, for example you can clean it regularly, don’t force the air conditioner to work too hard, and also you can regularly replace the filter on the air conditioner.

By doing proper maintenance on the air conditioner that you have, it will not only save you more money, but also make the air conditioner more durable and long lasting.

In addition, it will also have a very positive impact on the health of you and your family who also use the air-conditioned room.

Even though it has been treated as much as possible, not infrequently the air conditioner will also experience damage.

This mostly happens with the remote AC, if the remote AC is damaged or does not work, then the AC will not be able to be used either.

This damaged AC remote can be caused by age or continuous use, from falling or being hit, and also other factors.

Regardless of the cause of the damage to the AC remote, you don’t need to worry too much because now there are many universal remotes that you can use as a replacement for the damaged AC remote.

The final word

That’s all our discussion in this article about How to Set Universal AC Remote. Hopefully useful and good luck.

Hopefully the information we share can help you in overcoming the problem of your damaged AC remote.

By knowing how to set this universal remote, your AC can operate normally again.