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How to Set Seamless WiFi ID on Android 2022

How to Set Seamless Wifi ID on Android

How to Set Seamless WiFi ID on Android – Lots of people are still confused about how to set up seamless wifi on Android, even though it’s not that difficult.

The advantage of setting this Seamless WiFi ID on your Smartphone device is that you can use Wifi outside the home.

Octoberbe for you or some people who use Wifi Indihome, of course this technology will be very profitable.

Because you no longer need to buy a quota for use outside the home, you only need to connect your herbal phone to the Wifi in your home even if it’s far away.

Although there will be an additional fee each month and usually only 10 thousand per month, this is quite cheap.

Of course, with this additional cost, it will be more efficient than even buying the cheapest quota.

Because your quota usage is definitely more due to the use of various applications such as Instagram and games, furthermore, you can refer to the direct review below.

Discussion on How to Set Seamless WiFi ID on Android

WiFi ID Seamless is a WiFi network service that can be used by Indihome users who have subscribed.

In order to enjoy and use this service, IndiHome users must add an add-on of 10 thousand/month.

For Indihome customers who already have seamless access, they can access it anywhere on the homepage.

As long as you have this Seamless WiFi ID network and of course this will save your expenses.

Now with that you have to know how to set Wifi id on Android which you can do easily.

To be able to create or get a WiFi ID Seamless account, you must first log in to the MyIndihome application, then add add-ons and the steps provided.

Without having to linger, just take a look below, how to set up Seamless WiFi ID on Android.

How to Set Seamless WiFi ID on Android

How to Easily Set WiFi ID Seamless on Android

How to Set Seamless Wifi ID on Android
How to Easily Set Wifi ID Seamless on Android

The following is how to set up a Seamless WiFi ID on Android that you can easily do through your respective cellphones:

  • The first step, please download the Indihome application on the Play Store or through the link we have provided (Indihome).
  • If so, then log in to the application.
  • Then you select the subscription menu at the bottom then select internet, then please select Seamless WiFi ID and activate it.
  • After that, please select activate again to get the user and password you want to use to connect to Seamless.
  • Make sure you do this using the existing Wifi network in your home that will be connected, otherwise the process will fail.
  • Then you send the activity code through the My Indihome application on your Smartphone and don’t forget to click OK.
  • The next step, please open the message that has been entered in the My Indihome application, then click the button to continue the activity process and if the process is successful there will be a notification that was done successfully.
  • Now if it’s successful, you will have the user and password used to connect to the Seamless Wifi id, before connecting, you must first add a device.
  • Done.

The final word

Those are the steps that we have shared above, so with that you will no longer be confused about setting up the Seamless WiFi ID.

How is it very easy not to do? And not spend so much time.

Please follow the steps above if you want to do it and if this information is important you can share it with your friends.

That’s our whole discussion in this article about how to set up a Seamless WiFi ID on Android 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

Dody S.

Technology practitioner, editor and journalist at 1001Media.